housekeeping, lots of pink, & artsy antique-store pictures



I am deeply saddened to announce that my camera is dead.

Not buried yet, though. I’m still holding out hope for the Lazarus effect. It’s been out of commission ten days now, and today I finally made a truce with my wallet and took it to the repair shop. Apparently the entire works need replacing (I dropped it onto concrete), and it’ll be at least a week before I can see it again.

I won’t be able to post as frequently as I’d like (and my first Shaped by Style posts might be delayed), but I keep a backlog of photos on hand for precisely this reason. So I’ll be filling the radio silence, albeit with outdated outfits.

I took these about three weeks ago in one of my favorite antique stores.



Not having a camera is weird, man. It’s made me realize just how much of my fashion sense is performative. I almost don’t see the point in dressing up if I can’t share my outfit with the internet. The past week has been an exercise in looking cute just for the hell of it. And lemme tell you – I have been wearing some hella cute outfits.


But it’s also given me more time to write. I’m serious about this short-story-collection thing. I’m thinking a hundred-page chapbook of my ten best stories. Cheap enough to produce while nonetheless conveying my range of ability. I’ll set up a website to sell it, and maybe offer copies to a few local/alternative bookstores. One of my favorite thrift shops even sells customers’ art.

Should I produce a separate one for poetry? Or intersperse the poems in with the prose?

paVII paIVpaIX paV paVIII






Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

2 thoughts on “housekeeping, lots of pink, & artsy antique-store pictures”

  1. I have a dress with that EXACT same print for sale on Etsy (that I keep debating about because I love it but it’s too big.) So, I think we need to take these dresses when you get your camera back, plus the shoes we have in common (the gray ones) and post twin outfits. For the heck of it. Because… why not? 😀

    It’s hard to decide whether a book of just short stories or a book with stories + poetry would be best — I like both ideas. Adding poetry into the prose would help break up the book, but having a book of poetry on its own would also be lovely.

    Also, I have been feeling the same about getting dressed with no camera — it feels pointless if I can’t share it. BUT one of my goals for my year as a 27 year old is to always get dressed nicely and at least look put together for my husband every day (because I should probably remind him that I wear things other than yoga pants) so hopefully I’ll get into that habit without needing a camera to share. And also I have always vowed not to be one of those moms who descends into the yoga-pants-and-tee-shirts (or jeans) daily out of laziness habit.

    I hope you camera gets fixed fast!

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