This weekend I celebrated what was probably the best birthday I’ve ever had!

On Saturday night, four hours before my actual birthday, I ran away to join the circus. Spielpalast Cabaret, that is. Oh, Spielpalast, my heart. The best possible way to describe this show would be “Ozian”. Have you read Wicked? Do you remember the Philosophy Club scene? Yeah, that’s what this was. I loved it deeply and truly and I would marry each and every troupe member if I could.


And let’s talk about this dress.

My godmother sent me a pair of beautiful rosette gloves for my birthday, and I knew I had to build my outfit around it. So on Friday I took an emergency trip to Old Gold (my favorite vintage/costume store). Now, you are almost never walking out of Old Gold for under $50, and I was prepared to spend such a sum if I had to.


On Friday they happened to have a bin of “slightly damaged” vintage for between $5 and $15. After hyperventilating, I tried on every single garment in it. The dress above was the only thing in the whole bin that fit, and fit it did. It fit like it was hewn on my very body. And due to the tiny side rip that took me five minutes to fix, it was only $15. I have never snapped up a garment so fast in my life.

Naturally I paired it with the corset. I felt like an utter bombshell and winner of the lucky fucker lottery, and it didn’t hurt that Josh said I looked better than he’d ever seen me.



Post-show, we spent forty-five minutes dallying and wringing our hands until midnight, at which point it was time for the drunkening. Ten friends and I crowded into a bar, where my first legal drink was an absinthe martini. (Danica ordered one too. After one sip, she made a face and cried “absinthe is licorice?!” Yes, babe, it is.)

birfdyIII birfdyVII

Sunday afternoon was tattoo time! My biggest piece yet. We didn’t get to finish it – I started going into shock. Turns out one hour under the needle is the most my body can take. I started bleeding and shaking, and the employees brought me glass after glass of juice. “Chug it like a freshman,” said my artist, Anthony.

Then it was time for dumplings, cake, and, from my parents, a velvet purse containing twenty-one dollars in quarters. And a button.


The novelty of legal booze will be a long, long time wearing off. I had breakfast with an out-of-town friend this morning and ordered two mimosas with my waffle. I am thoroughly unapologetic!trash.

birfdyIX birfdyXI


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I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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