vintage watercolors & winooski in bloom


My camera is finally back! Just in time for nascent spring, too. The whole city looks scrubby and new when I sit atop the hill and observe. I love love love the bright tentative green of almost-leaves.

springII springIX

It’s weird how anxious I got without my camera. I am someone, I’ve discovered, who gets extremely anxious when I cannot document beauty. I have a hard time just taking things in: I need to capture them. I need to make sure everyone knows how exquisite that flower was, how unique that cloud’s shape. In short: I’m the worst Buddhist ever.


It feels strange to just…live life. I’m so used to trying to grasp as much of it as I can. I need to remember that an experience unshared is still an experience. I don’t need to haul out my mechanical eye for every private joy.

springVII springI

In other news, it’s moonshine time again. I’ve been making dandelion wine for four years, and this year I have a big enough kitchen and a steady enough income to branch out. I’d like to do, at minimum, dandelion, lilac, peony, and rose.

I’ve been thinking of doing other seasonal varieties, too. I want to experiment with some savories come autumn. How does rosemary wine sound?


three years: part II

It’s my anniversary. I get to be overtly narcissistic, okay?

I came to blogging for the style and stayed for the photography. My earliest photos were almost unconscionably shitty; I look at them now and can’t believe I put them on the internet under my real name. Learning my way around my camera and cultivating a genuine love for capturing light have been two really rewarding by-products of blogging.

Here are my best-ever photos.

artsy collage III

onetwothree | four

artsy collage II

five | six | seven | eight

artsy collage I

nine ten | eleventwelve

three years today

This was my very first outfit picture:


And this was my most recent.

most recent

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I started My Kingdom for a Hat three years ago today. It was called Color Me Brazen then. I’d been posting my daily outfits on Facebook for a few months, and on May 2nd, 2012, I decided to start a blog for them instead of studying for my finals. Three years later, here’s where I’m at:

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  • Embarrassment at the the awfulness and pretension of my old work: priceless

Here are the sixteen best outfits I’ve ever worn. Not necessarily the ones that photographed the best, but the ones I felt absolutely bangin’ in.

outfit collage III

one twothreefour

outfit collage I

five six | seven | eight

outfit collage II

nineten | eleven | twelve

outfit collage IV

thirteen fourteen fifteensixteen

toil & trubble


Yesterday I hung out with Ash LaRose and made vaguely erotic videos, and I could not be more in love. Her aesthetic aligns with mine almost implicitly. We both like things bright and naked and slightly arcane beneath the flaming color. Today I’ll share two of the videos, with many more (plus a boatload of still photos) to come.