factory girl


I live in what was once one of Vermont’s foremost mill towns. Most of the mills have crumbled or been converted to offices and hipster apartments, but some of them still belch steam. What better backdrop for this thoroughly 1940s look?

I found this dress at a theater-department costume sale, the same one where I got my Toni Todd dress.

40s collage 40sVII40sIX

Dress: vintage, via costume sale

Hat: vintage, thrifted

Everything else: thrifted

40sIV 40sXI 40sX 40sXII 40sII 40sIII 40sVIII 40sXIII 40sXIV


  1. Such a great look. I only recently found out that my local community theater does big purges of its costume wardrobe every few years – I can only dream of finding such awesomeness. Also this outfit makes me wish I had hats. Why don’t I have any hats?

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