writer in wred

One aspect of blogging I really struggle with is the urge to turn everything into a performance. I don’t want to calibrate everything I do and wear and eat for optimal clicks. I don’t want to take so many pictures of my food that I forget to eat it, and I refuse to turn Josh…

dime-store sailor

You know the fruitless, frustrated rage you get when you see an adorable dress on ModCloth or Hell Bunny or one of its cheap Chinese sisters, and you are so tempted to add it to your cart but you know in your heart of hearts it just wouldn’t be worth the price? Well, I do….


I fear I’m in a rut of red and black. Wait, scratch that – I don’t fear in the slightest. I’m loving it. All hail seasonal kitsch! Dress: vintage, via Rusty Zipper Hat: old & beloved Everything else: thrifted


As of last week, I’m living every vintage lady’s dream: I officially own a piece of deadstock. Deadstock, or “new old stock” to the less morbid, is vintage that never sold. This particular dress still had its original Korell tags and $7.00 price tag, marked down from $11.95. It arrived in perfect condition from Daisy…

toni todd returns

I spent way more time coming up with “Toni Todd” puns than I did editing these photos. Not even gonna lie. Dress: vintage, via theater sale Hat: vintage, thrifted Coat: hand-me-down Everything else: thrifted I don’t have a lot to say today, other than that I’ve been doing a lot of good writing over at my words blog, which…

myrmidons & maenads

I’ve been fascinated by Francesca Woodman lately. I sort of want to be her, minus the existential depression and early death. (But if depression and death are the price for creating work like this…I might pay it.) This is my (amateur, digital) tribute to her short career.

ghost of christmas present & dressember thoughts

I thrifted this dress last March and promptly forgot I had it. I dug it out yesterday, and I’m glad I did – it’s basically the perfect holiday dress. These photos looked great when I edited them on my laptop, but on the computer I’m posting from – my work one, sue me – they…