dime-store sailor


You know the fruitless, frustrated rage you get when you see an adorable dress on ModCloth or Hell Bunny or one of its cheap Chinese sisters, and you are so tempted to add it to your cart but you know in your heart of hearts it just wouldn’t be worth the price? Well, I do. I will always prefer true vintage, but there are some hella cute “retro” dresses out there. It just chafes my Yankee sensibilities to pay over $60 for what is essentially fast fashion.

It’s for these reasons that ModCloth Buy/Sell/Trade is essentially the best thing in the entire world.

sailorV sailorVI

It’s a Facebook group for…well, exactly what it says on the tin. Buying, selling, and swapping ModCloth (and similar) dresses. Which is how I ended up obtaining this sailor dress for $30, less than half of what it would run me directly from the source. Plus recycling, so yay!

I maaaaay or may not have two more dresses on their way. -.-


Dress: ModCloth, via swap group

Coat: boyfriend’s

Hat: old & beloved

Everything else: thrifted

sailorIV sailorVIII

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

One thought on “dime-store sailor”

  1. I finally JUST joined the Facebook group. After you talking about it forever. I love that dress! And I agree about it basically being fast fashion that’s expensive; I’ve gotten nice things from Modcloth but I always feel like I shouldn’t actually be paying as much as they charge.

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