in summation

Last year I wrote:

I may be just as insufferable as I was last year, but dammit, I think I produced some pretty good art in 2014. If 2013 was the year I “actually took on some semblance of a recognizable style“, then 2014 was about figuring out how to work my goddamn camera.

Today I venture to say I think I’m right again, on both counts – that I’m no less insufferable and that I produced some pretty good art in 2015. If 2014 was about figuring how to work  my goddamn camera, then 2015 was about upgrading to a real!live DSLR. I sure as hell don’t miss my point-and-shoot.

In classic fashion, here are my favorite posts of the year. You can find my previous roundups here and here.


the magic shoot / still tacky and the leibster award 


why i don’t write about body image / kitchen witchery 


vintage gingham, pink accents, & pure americana / gingham, spring fluorescence, & freshly dyed hair 


brace the sails to starboard / incantatrix


yellow polka dots & a touch of scandal / ash & me 


bitch, i’m fabulous / luna


imp in the garden / polka dots & fireworks 


ride with the moon in the dead of night / black on black on black

Other happenings:

This year I’ll actually finish that collection. I’ll write many more articles for Bustle (I have, like, three in the works right this moment…), and my first piece for Caboodle Magazine will come out this spring. I’ll keep entering Glimmer Train‘s emerging writers’ contest until I win, dammit.  I will grow my hair until I am a mermaid with split ends that start at my waist. I will visit oceans and cities and always crawl back to my home between mountains. I will perform on many stages in many degrees of undress. I will eat more Thai food and drink more Manhattans, and suckle the cherry stem when I’m done. I will deface pretty dresses with drool.

I will hunt down beauty in every corner, and I’ll raise my Manhattan to it each time I catch a slice.

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