octopusVIMy partner’s favorite animal is the noble octopus, so of course he’d want to see his favorite lady bedecked in them. This dress, my Christmas present, arrived two days ago from Dracula Clothing. Within my first hour of wearing it out, I had to tell a very appreciative lady in the sandwich shop exactly where I’d gotten it. She wanted to buy one for her daughter. And for once I had a response other than “sorry, it’s vintage”. Buying new has its perks! octopusXVoctopusVII

I’d wanted a Dracula Clothing dress for a while. The whole label is one man’s passion project. From the shop’s about page:

I started Dracula Clothing in 2007. … I had traveled around in India and knew they have some tailors that are the best in the world. So I decided to make a shop that has tailor made clothes at a more reasonable price. One of the ways we keep the price down is by sending the clothes directly from the tailor to the customer. … We thought we would sell mostly to our friends and some random people, but have ended up selling a lot more than we thought.

I already have my eye on the map print and the “Leonardo’s Inventions” print. It’s nice to know I’m supporting a fellow eccentric. Plus, I feel like Mrs. Lovett, and that is never a bad thing.

Dracula Clothing ships free (!) worldwide from Prague. (Lots of good things in my life come from Prague, it seems – you might recall that I used to write for a magazine based there, and you’ll find the best cup of tea in Vermont at a cafe that started as a Czech chain.) The cotton is stiff and sturdy, though I have yet to see how it’ll stand up to a wash. The dress comes with a lace-up corset that’s really more of a belt; there’s no boning, so the effect is more visual than physical. My only complaint? After a few hours of wear, the sleeves’ elastic got mighty scratchy on my underarms, though that might be because I’d just shaved that morning.

(Also worth mentioning: unfortunately, they don’t carry over a size US14, and even that runs a tad small, being European. It fits 43-34-46 me just fine, but if you’re even a couple inches bigger in the bust or the waist, it probably won’t work.)

I’m not saying the steampunks/gothabillies/dandies in your life don’t already love you…but they’ll probably love you even more if you get them something from Dracula Clothing.


Dress: via Dracula Clothing

Coat: hand-me-down from a friend

Everything else: thrifted

octopusVoctopusIVYou might recall that 2015’s New Year goals included hair long enough for fancy Victorian updos. A year later, I’m not quite sky(e)-high yet, but I’m well on my way! octopusXVII octopuscollageIIoctopusI octopusXVI octopusIII octopuscollage


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