channeling nora in watercolors



I used to be of the sort who thought wearing summer dresses in the winter just Wasn’t Done. There’s such a thing as seasonal color, dammit. I recognize that this is very much a me problem, though. I can be unbearably fastidious about the smallest things, and seasonal appropriateness is one of them. I divide everything into quadrants, and I always have: music, food, color, texture. My life rotates every three months, and I find it soothing.

Nora Finds is changing that, though. Nora is without question my favorite vintage blogger, and every. single. thing she puts on her body just works. She’s not matchy like some, but somehow everything comes together just this side of eccentric, and it’s perfect. After seeing some of her summer dress/winter coat ensembles (here and here), I had to dig out this dress. And nearly brain myself prancing around in heels on the icy sidewalk. My New England upbringing has taught me absolutely nothing.


watercolorsXV watercolorsXVI

Dress: vintage, via brick-and-mortar store

Hat: vintage, thrifted

Coat: via Sammydress

Shoes: from Kristina

Everything else: thrifted

watercolorsXI watercolorsIII watercolorsXIV watercolorsIX watercolorsX watercolorsXIII watercolorsXII


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

3 thoughts on “channeling nora in watercolors”

  1. Ummm excuse me – this is like totally awesome?! And contrasted to your hair? Bet you’re the best dressed person around. And thank goodness you didn’t actually splat on the pavement. I don’t want that on my conscience! And babe, I love you. You are so so lovely!

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