black tie with ketchup stains


There’s a particular combination of traits that I’ve noticed in myself and in precious few other people, and it almost guarantees that we’ll get along really, really well. It’s a love of elegance and dressing to the nines married to an inexplicable slovenliness. Picture this: sitting around in a fancy dress while mainlining microwaved chicken nuggets. Or pairing a three-piece suit and spats with a matted ponytail, in the case of my partner. He’s one of the few people I’ve met who shares this particular trait, and it’s part of the charm of Us: we are almost always the fanciest people at any party, but we’re also the ones talking too loudly and stuffing mini quiches down our pants. Lord and Lady Garbage Pail.


One of my best friends in the world, the other person I know who fits this aesthetic, has recently moved to my town. So now the three of us can sit around eating fish sticks in our sweat-stained finery, happy as (old, rotting) clams. We have dubbed ourselves Team Black Tie with Ketchup Stains. And this outfit shoot is absolute peak Black Tie with Ketchup Stains. I took an entire set of photos without noticing the mattress moldering on the ground in the corner of the shot. I cropped it out – I’m not that shameless – but I feel it says a lot about me nonetheless. Here’s proof:


Fancy sloths for lyfe.

bluesIII bluesIX bluesVII bluesVIII bluesV

Everything: vintage, thrifted

bluesXI bluesIV bluesX




Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

One thought on “black tie with ketchup stains”

  1. Oh my gosh I DIED laughing out loud at your “lord and lady garbage pail” line! I think I woke up Calvin haha

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