I had a pretty quiet Valentine’s Day, as evidenced by my mentioning it eight days late. I wrote about this at Christmas, and it still holds true: I’m uncomfortable with the pressure on bloggers to publicize our holiday celebrations. Certain things are just for me and my loved ones; I don’t have to invite the whole world in.

That said, I somehow ended up with ten Spanish-language conversation balloons, and that in itself is worth sharing. The gas station was selling them for a penny each the day after Valentine’s, so I, lured by the promise of living Wes Anderson’s wet dream, loaded the car with them.

“You have quite a weirdness magnet,” Josh said, after we’d finished stuffing them into the trunk like hostages.

balloonsXX balloonsXV

I’m wearing ModCloth’s “Unbridled Panache” dress in dice print, which, while adorable, only serves to reinforce why I prefer true vintage over reproduction. It’s a great print and a nice soft material, but honestly? ModCloth is really hit or miss. Their dresses always fit a little funny in the bodice, and the armscyes are way too wide. Which would be fine in a cheaper garment, but this dress retails for $100. Thanks to a coupon, I got it for less than half that, but I would have been mighty disappointed had I paid full price.

balloonsXVII balloonsXXIV balloonsXIX balloonsXII balloonsXIVballoonsXXII balloonsV balloonsXXI balloonsXVIII balloonsIII

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I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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