I think this might be my favorite warm-weather dress. It was last year’s birthday present to myself; little did I know it would so perfectly predict the year to come. It’s taken me through the last throes of my old ~kooky~ aesthetic and into vintage kitsch & cheer.  I feel like a barefoot housewife, bundling her hair in a scarf and heading out to soak up garden sun.

yellowhouseII yellowhouseVII yellowhouseVI

Dress: ’50s vintage, via eBay

Hat: vintage, thrifted

Belt & shoes: thrifted

yellowhouseX yellowhouseI yellowhouseVIIIyellowhouseV


  1. This might a bit odd, but I swear I have a photo of a hat just like yours saved on my computer from the eBay listing it was sold in. I saw it, was wildly in love with it, messaged the seller to see if they’d ship to Canada and they didn’t even reply to me, so I wasn’t about to bid on it and simply saved a snap as the next best thing. What a cool coincidence that we’d both fall for the same (or very nearly so) chapeau.

    ♥ Jessica

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