me-made may: greening up!


I certainly dropped off the map for a while there, but I swear I had a good reason. It’s Me-Made May, you see! I wanted to debut my latest creation in my first post of the month, but this one was rather…more ambitious than the last.

I’m super excited to celebrate my first Me-Made May. I won’t be wearing only clothes I’ve made, of course but this challenge is a great incentive to hone my seamstress skills and try some new materials. And it’s my birthday on the 24th, so if you’re jonesing to get rid of some vintage cotton, I’ll send the pigeons right over.

greenmeVIII greenmeIV

I’ve been on a “dress-and-jacket suit” kick lately. I have only one such set so far, but I love the look. I’ve reserved a couple more on Etsy for after I get my tax return, but when I found this kelly-green fabric ($3/yd at Walmart, sue me), I couldn’t wait anymore. It was the perfect complement to a green flocked tablecloth I’d added to my stash some time ago. It lacked the yardage for a dress, but I wanted to do something special with it nonetheless. So here you have it! Special enough, I think.

greenmeXI greenmeI greenmeXIV

In the interest of full disclosure: I haven’t actually done the buttonholes yet. Buttonholes are an absurdly finicky undertaking, and I was eager to photograph this outfit right here right now. I loved it that much, and the light was perfect. I left a few more details unfinished, but given the magic of magic hour, I don’t think they’re too visible. Late-afternoon light does wonders. These shots are almost totally unedited. The dress really is that green.

greenmeXVgreenmeIX greenmeXX greenmeXXII greenmeIIgreenmeXXI

Dress & jacket: handmade by me

Hat: vintage, via Gem’s Vintage Gems on Etsy

Gloves: vintage, via Mainly Vintage in White River Junction

Pearls & shoes: vintage, thrifted

greenmeXIX greenmeXVII greenmeXII

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I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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