i would mourn the wicked


Feeling positively Elphabaic in my me-made dress suit. And the hat is pretty Galindafied, don’t you think? The second of my birthday hats from my mom, dubbed a “head thimble” by my partner. I finished off the look with this appropriately garish flea-market brooch. Kristin Chenoweth would be proud.

I’m definitely feeling the musical theater theme today: Hamilton won eleven Tonys on Sunday night! Just short of the all-time high of twelve, but nothing to sneeze at. And it’s all the sweeter for the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda (composer, playwright, lead) is only 36 years old. As a precocious kid myself, I’ve always instinctively rooted for the young’uns. Watching Jeopardy, I always bet on the player who looks youngest. I feel kinship with wunderkinds. And I really hope I have half as many feathers in my cap when I’m Miranda’s age.

gyI gyII gyXIII

Suit: made by me

Brooch: vintage, via flea market

Hat: vintage, gifted

Shoes: gifted

Petticoat: thrifted




  1. Fabulous outfit! There’s really something about June and summer’s return that puts me squarely in the mood for generous amounts of wearable greens as well. It’s like I want to mimic Mother Nature’s colour palette as much as possible – and all the more so given how woefully short lived the sunny months are in this part of the world.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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