me-made: and we’re back!


In one week I’ve attended a wedding on one coast and a funeral on the other, and in between I took four (yes, four) memory cards of photos. I bounced from San Francisco vistas to hidebound Connecticut, and I’m finally home in Vermont’s mountain cradle. Even humidity feels like a hug when you’ve been gone so long.

I have at least five posts’ worth of photos to share, but first: what I wore to Ozy and Topher’s Princess Bride wedding!

goldXX goldIX

My friends, if you’ll recall, flew me out to shoot their wedding, calling it cheaper than hiring an Actual Photographer. (It’s the Bay Area. I believe it.) It was a working vacation for me, but I still had to bring the Fance. Black tie, and no ketchup stains this time. I was representing the entire Eastern seaboard.

goldV goldXIV goldXV

When I first discovered Simplicity 65C, I knew how lovely the design would look in my grandmother’s vintage lace. My first iteration thereof, the beloved rose dress, was the practice round: I’d have to be on way, way fewer meds than I’m on to cut into fifty-year-old lace without a template.


But! I’m thrilled to say that the practice paid off. This dress turned out exactly as I’d pictured. Better, even! It was my first time stitching multiple layers of fabric together, but there was no tension between the base and its more delicate topskirt. No awkward snags or inevitable unpickings. For the bodice, I used three layers of white linen. A cream floral tablecloth for the skirt. I love the blush of orange and pink beneath yellow lace. I have a second identical tablecloth, and I’m considering a whole other dress.

goldXIX goldX goldVII

The scalloped selvedge originally bordered the whole length of fabric. I picked it off – fortunately it was merely tacked – to edge the bottom, and added a sash with the leftovers. I love my fancy summer dress!  My black-tie selection, until now, was mostly velvet and taffeta. This one, thanks to its linen lining, definitely beats the heat.


I topped off the dress with a hat I bought in White River Junction back in April, which makes its blogosphere debut today. With matching gloves from my costume trunk, I felt positively Californienne.

Much more to come in the next week or two, including downtown Frisco, the Pacific Ocean, and shots from the wedding itself! It was literally, actually Princess Bride themed.


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

3 thoughts on “me-made: and we’re back!”

  1. Love love love the yellow with the teal details – that hat is adorable!!!!

    Glad your trip turned out well and you wonderfully captured their wedding as they hoped! =D

  2. A Princess Bride themed wedding you say? Now that sounds intriguing!

    It’s awesome that your trip and the wedding went so well. I’ve been wondering as much ever since you posted about being your friends’ photographer.

    Love this outfit! Teal-y shades of blue + yellow together are pure colour heaven, IMO.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Your dress is so pretty and I am impressed that you cut into vintage lace and made a wonderful dress out of it! It can be so difficult to use the “good” fabric. I love all the teal as well, looks great.

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