she soon became bone from the fish and the foam

specificV specificIV(1)

“Nobody swims up here,” said my godmother, when she took me to the beach on my last afternoon in California. Ha – Skye [surname redacted] swims anywhere. Fifty-degree waves? Balmy, when you’re from Vermont. Janice was happy to perch on a rock in her windbreaker; I pranced in the surf, feeling like Lewis and/or Clark. When I stripped to bra and panties and dove all the way in, no one was surprised. Then – back to Janice’s house in Occidental, dress in the dryer, and a few sushi rolls before boarding the Petaluma airport shuttle.

The me in these pictures doesn’t know she’s about to take the worst red-eye ever, complete with Chicago layover and vomitous turbulence. No matter – the Pacific is enough joy for one day.specificIX specificspecificVIII specificII specificIII specificXII specificXIII specificXIV specificVII specificXVI specificXVII

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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