me-made: bumble bumble


It’s one of those days where the camera is willing but the lighting is weak. I had visions of twirling about in my newest handmade creation, but only five of my ~20 photos were remotely passable, and it’s too damn hot for work ethic. I gave up in favor of vanilla iced tea and a cookie the size of my face. I’ve got priorities, dammit.


But even if I don’t get the pleasure of fully presenting my new creation, I still have the joy of wearing it. I used a vintage bedsheet – new old stock, in fact! – and Simplicity 3878, version 1. I ended up going off book and making some modifications: I removed the collar and forewent the underarm panels entirely. The result? A dress that looks crisp and festive but that I can proudly say I made in one fitful afternoon.

It’ll get a proper shoot soon enough. This kind of whimsy is begging for a carnival.

homemadeyellowIV homemadeyellowV


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