photo story: hear ye, hear ye

rennfaireXL rennfaireXXXIII

I attended the Stowe Renaissance Faire almost two months ago now, and I just managed to upload the photos, oh, yesterday. Look at me, all topical ‘n’ shit. This is why I could never blog for a living.

rennfaireXXVI rennfaireXXIII rennfaireXXX

Renn Faires are equal parts cheeseball fun and actual living history, and I love each just as well. For every buxom barmaid and cackling witch, every caricature looming large, there’s a knight in full period armor. For every giant bratwurst, there’s an actual medieval livestock display. So I love the Rennie life no matter my mood. There’s something for me whether I’m feeling corseted kitsch or nose-in-the-air authenticity. Stowe’s venture featured both full SCAdian reenactment and a troupe of singing pirates, and any Rennie knows a good Faire needs both. Plus, getting tipsy on samples of mead. Everyone needs that.

rennfaireXXXII rennfaireXXXV rennfaireXXV rennfaireXXIVrennfaireXLVIII rennfaireXIX rennfaireXXIrennfaireXLI rennfaireVII rennfaireXIV rennfaireXXIIrennfaireXVII

rennfaireXXVIII rennfaireXLVII rennfaireL rennfaireLIV rennfaireLVIrennfaireXII


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