me-made: mimicry


You ever get a certain design just…stuck in your head?

Because that’s what happened with this dress from Mode de Lis’s Year of the Polka Dots.  When I discovered Lily’s blog earlier this year, I read the entire archives in about a day and a half, but I kept coming back to that bloody orange dress. I think I may have even dreamed about it. It was everything I wanted in a transitional Mabon dress. And when I found Simplicity 3878 on Etsy over the summer, I knew it was just the ticket for my own version.

I finished this dress almost two months ago, and I can’t tell you how itchy I’ve been to show it off. A dress like this demands a just-right debut. When I picked up this hat for a buck fifty at last weekend’s flea market, I knew the hour was nigh.

orangedotsviii orangedotsxiv orangedotsxiiorangedotsxi

My version of this Gown of Gowns turned out much darker than Lily’s, thanks to fabric I didn’t realize would be quite so electric in person. No matter – this cotton from Southern Sister Supply is crisp and sturdy, a delight to cut and stitch. It’s definitely a more autumn-weight fabric, which complements the sharper color; it’ll be nice to brighten up the greys come November.

And I’m madly in love with this neckline. I want to make so many more, but the deeply superstitious part of me almost believes – almost – that it’ll make This Dress less special.

orangedotsx orangedotsxxorangedotsviorangedotsxxi orangedotsxxii orangedotsxixorangedotsxiii


  1. Stellar sartorial note to greet autumn’s return on. I’ve been reaching for orange and all of its seasonal companions a great deal lately as well and will continue to do so clear on through to December.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. UGH. That neckline is PERFECT. You look amazing! I’m in love with the orange and so inspired by your making all the things. I need to get my hands on some vintage patterns and whip up a few things because… I need some sort of guidance and I have so much fabric right now.

    Kristina |

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