all steamed up

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Most of my life happens between September and November. Though I’m taking a sabbatical from haunting, this year is no exception. Starting with the Springfield Steampunk Festival two weekends ago, I have been or will be traveling every single weekend. Cry you a river, I know. But I’ve also got an actual grown-up job, plus freelance deadlines, plus my personal writing. And I really like my bed.

I’m grateful, though. It’s not like I’ll look back on my life one day and wish I’d done fewer cool things.

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Anyway, two weekends ago Josh and I arrived at the Springfield Steampunk Festival for a splendidly anachronistic time. I took hundreds of pictures, which will occupy another post sometime before I die. For now, let’s appreciate what we wore.

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I dressed more midcentury than Victorian, as I am wont to do. If anyone asked, I said I was traveling back in time from the ’50s. Any steampunk who’d hold that against me isn’t worth his gears. And I really, really wanted to wear this new-to-me suit from Leonine Vintage.

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I saw the suit on Etsy back in March. I knew I had to have it like I’d never known anything before, but it cost…well, more than I’d ever spent on a piece of clothing. Thanks to the ever-patient Melissa at Leonine, I was able to pay it off little by little. The mid-August day it arrived was the day I decided I was done with summer. Time for brown blooms and fall suits. It fits me perfectly, and accommodates a petticoat to boot. I can’t wait to wear it with a truly extravagant hat.


Josh, of course, went full steampunk alchemist. He’s been getting into leatherwork recently; these etched bracers, complete with attached scroll, are his current pride and joy. I’m glad he has a new hobby and all, but between his leather and my bins of fabric, we might need a bigger apartment.

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Finally, my vintage blogger survey will be open for another couple of days! Last chance.

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Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

5 thoughts on “all steamed up”

  1. You both look fantastic! I’m impressed by Josh’s leatherwork. But obviously the crowning glory of this post is THAT SUIT OH MY GOODNESS. It’s so beautiful! And perfect! Holy wow.

  2. You guys look AWESOME! But girrrrlll that suit! It’s to die for! So cute – I love the colors and it’s so great you got to pay it off bit by bit! How sweet of the seller.

  3. You both look sensational!

    Fall is usually the busiest time of the year for us as well, so I can definitely relate there. Objectively, I’ve grown so accustomed to such, that it would feel odd to me now if, for whatever reason, such was suddenly no longer the case. I love the merriment and busyness of it all and am delighting in each action packed day.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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