merrily we roar along

20siii 20sxi

For the second day of the Springfield Steampunk Festival (not that I’m sharing these shots a month late or anything), I decided to go ’20s. Still not steampunk, I know, but I feel the Jazz Age heeds the spirit if not the letter.  The same subversive spark animated both eras. The one happened to manifest in science, the other in speakeasies, but you get my point. The Roaring ’20s are at the very least a spiritual cousin to the age of steam.

20sv 20sii

Nothing I’m wearing is authentic ’20s, of course. The dress, a gem of a $15 find, is probably ’30s or ’40s. The hat is ’60s, and everything else is thrifted. Still, there’s a bit of flapper in the air. Reminds me of late-stage Downton Abbey. Can’t you just see Mary strutting London in this?

One thing that’s always screamed Jazz Age to me is lack of coordination. Midcentury stuff has a real matchy-matchy vibe, what with the suits and perfect curls. To me there’s something bohemian about the teens and ’20s – throwing together whatever colors and patterns you please and somehow making it work. There’s a lot going on here. Textures, prints, embroidery – cook ’em in a stew and you’ve got something, dammit. Wearing four different patterns at once feels ’20s regardless of my clothes’ authenticity. 20svi 20sxiv 20sxiii 20svii 20sxii20sviii20siv

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

2 thoughts on “merrily we roar along”

  1. I have never noticed the coordination thing until you said this! But it’s so true! Maybe deep at heart I love a bit of 20’s for the craziness of their patterns and that bit of a bohemian vibe they have!

    I feel like I will probably repeat myself a lot here but. I love this outfit.I love that cardigan and that PURSE and those GLOVES and everything is amazing. You’re inspiring me to get back into it and brave a bit of rain for some good photos because. I want to be you.

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