another goddamn princess coat

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I used to side-eye people who claimed they “forgot” to blog – like, how could you not post your photos as soon as you took them? Very easily, it turns out. How did I end up with four – yes, four – backlogged outfit shoots and nothing at all to say? I don’t know, but I’m certainly dishing up some humble pie.

newgreyii newgreyxii newgreyxix

But boy am I glad to be back, because look at this coat. After a year’s blood, sweat, and tears to track down and budget for my two beloved princess coats, I end up thrifting this baby for thirty bucks. Yeah. Thirty. Aka a fraction of a fraction of what princess coats usually go for. And in my size, too. I have never made a purchase so fast in all my life.

I also picked up, on the same thrifting trip, an impeccably tailored vintage skirt suit, which you’ll be seeing sometime next week. If I’d ever wanted to become the sort of person who posts haul videos, now would be the time.

newgreyvii newgreyxx newgreyxxi

Other than that? Been reading a lot. Been writing a lot. Sometime soon I’ll put together a “what I’ve been reading” post, if I can summon the pluck to believe anyone would care about that.

Dress: ’50s vintage, via Old Gold

Coat: ’50s vintage, via Barge Canal Market

Hat: ’50s vintage, via Lily’s flash sale

Gloves: vintage, thrifted

Stole, shoes, & brooch: thrifted

newgreyxviii newgreyvinewgreyxinewgreyii  newgreyv newgreyviii newgreyxxii newgreyxvi


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

One thought on “another goddamn princess coat”

  1. You have the best luck sometimes! That coat is so good! And this dress too. SWOON. You look beautiful. I love all of the little details; the hat and the stole and the gloves… sigh. You’re a dream.

    I would watch your haul videos. I’m thinking about making one soon since I’ve bought a lot of vintage lately.

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