i wanna be the very best

I feel more than a little guilty that 2016 was such a good year for me, both personally and professionally. Like all the cool kids are suffering and I should get off my high horse.  According to pretty much the entire internet, this year was a festering chancre of epic proportions. I won’t deny the bad, but I’m also wary of confirmation bias. Once you’ve decided an entire twelve-month period is irredeemably shitty, you’ve pretty much made your bed. Let’s remember that the world is vast and America isn’t all of it.

2016 was the year I really, truly found an aesthetic that feels Right. Not that previous iterations didn’t also feel right, but this one feels Right. I love going full antiquarian every day. To be unbearably pretentious, it feels like belonging to history itself. As someone who tends toward lonerhood, I think that’s a feeling I really need. 2016 was the year I learned to sew and turned my textile infatuation to full-blown romance. It’s a love I can’t believe I didn’t cultivate earlier. Since April, I’ve made 21 dresses, 5 skirts, 3 tops, and 1 vest, with no sign of slowing my roll anytime soon.

Other bests of 2016:

I read…

I watched…

I listened to…

I visited…

I wrote…

And, finally, I wore…


me-made: meni, middy, mici | on artifice


me-made may: greening up | well red


capture the castle | me-made may: simplicity 65c


paschal princess | me-made: mimicry


suits & stranger danger | merrily we roar along


me-made: bountiful butterick | all for naut


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

2 thoughts on “i wanna be the very best”

  1. Well done sweetie! You have done an incredible job. Your success is making me feel very inspired for next year! I have enjoyed reading all of your posts and seeing what you will sew up next!

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