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National Hat Day was officially two days ago, but here in my scrappy little kingdom, hats are cherished every day of the year.  Of all the vintage in the world, I love headwear the best. A really excellent hat divides the women from the girls. The society dames from the sock hoppers. I’ve seen it happen to many a blogger. You start out repro-chipper in ModCloth and novelty prints. Then, by chance or by choice, you find your first hat. Maybe a pillbox, maybe a fascinator, maybe a wee little cloche. Suddenly everything changes. Your neck all but buckles under pounds of fruit and feathers. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and soon you’re carrying entire aviaries with ease. Your pinky begins, inexorably, extending. You develop a mid-Atlantic accent. Your legal name is Joan Crawford. (What, that didn’t happen to you?)

You come to love, or at least I did, the drama of pure form. A dress, however impractical, serves a purpose. A hat is concentrated art.

Black women in the South call their church hats “crowns”. The grander the crown, the better to catch God’s eye. Women in Nazi-occupied Paris spun feathers and ribbons, the only materials not rationed, into “resistance pieces”. Even in the toughest times, hat lovers fumble toward elegance. A hat tells those who’d cage you: I will never bow my head.

One day is simply not long enough. I’ve got a week’s worth of hattitudinal content planned, but first – a tour of some of my personal favorites.


1940s | Bos & Ruby Vintage | worn here, here, and here


1940s | Gem’s Vintage Gems | worn here, here, and here


1930s | Barge Canal Market | worn here


1940s | thrifted | worn here, here, and here


1940s | The Classy Closet | Worn here, here, and here


1960s | gift from Mom | worn here, here, and here


1950s | thrifted | worn here


1930s | The Classy Closet | worn here


1950s | thrifted | worn here


1940s | thrifted | worn here, here, and here


1940s | Luvsick Vintage  | worn here


1950s | Mode de Lis flash sale | worn here, here, and here


1950s | Barge Canal Market | worn here


1960s | gift from Mom | worn here


no idea | thrifted | worn here


1940s | Fancy Lucky Vintage | worn here, here, and here


1930s | thrifted | worn here and here


1930s | Barge Canal Market | coming soon!


1950s | Lang Farm Antique Center | coming soon!





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I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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