cig figs


I never thought I’d own a pair of cigarette pants, but fifty years ago no one thought we’d put a man on the moon. Shit happens. I picked up these pants at The Getup Vintage on my most recent trip to Montpelier. We went in search of a Kabuto nest, but ended up with a few Slowpokes and a tuna melt instead. Again: shit happens.

50spantsxii 50spantsxiii 50spantsvi

I was going for an explicitly casual look, inspired by this sort of thing (and this, and this), but of course I still got asked what I was all dressed up for. I’ve got fance in my very blood, it seems. That said, I’m consciously exploring a middle ground. I’ve never really had one: it’s either curls ‘n’ corsets or ketchup-stained pajamas. I don’t wear curlers to the gym or cute vintage pajamas. When the panopticon switches off, I’m slobbin’ it with the best of them. Pants, sweaters, and victory rolls are perfect for the days when my heart says bed but my wallet says work.

50spantsii 50spantsv

Pants: ’50s, The Getup Vintage

Blouse: ’50s, eBay

Hat: ’40s, Luvsick Vintage

Everything else: thrifted

50spantsvii 50spantsiv 50spantsviii 50spantsxi

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

2 thoughts on “cig figs”

  1. It’s kind of amazing what constitutes being dressed up these days, isn’t it? I’m really digging your casual 50s look – those pants are perfect on you, and I love the little hat. Fabulous look!

  2. Cigarette pants are something I thought I wouldn’t own really either…now I have two pairs. I’m still very picky about them though.

    Like you, I call my cigarette pants looks pretty casual – though I often wear them in a Teddy Girl fashion, and people always think I’m dressed up, how Jessica pointed out in her comment!


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