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I’ve written about becoming a more private person (I could link to it, but that might defeat the purpose), and that informs my celebration of holidays like Valentine’s Day. I no longer want to perform my relationships for the world. Which isn’t to say I’d shame those who do – it’s just no longer my thing, and the unspoken obligations of bloggerdom grate on me. I think I’m developing a crotchety streak to match my old-lady clothes.

That said, this weekend I visited the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium with my partner of four years for a belated Valentine, and it was a jolly time. I offered a preview of my red suit on instagram (@quando_porpoise); now here’s the thing in all its bloody glory.

redsuiti redsuitvii

I have wanted a bright red full-skirted suit for approximately ever. I’ve long lusted after Frances’s version (all her suits are enviable, honestly), and when I found my bright red jacket a few months ago, I was that much closer. Still, I was only halfway there, and taking a break before the job is done isn’t half as satisfying. For the past three months I’ve hunted. As of last week, I finally, finally found the perfect complementary skirt. Many thanks to 1919 Vintage (whence I also purchased this ’50s blouse)!

I’ll tell you a secret: this skirt is actually ’70s. I know, I know. But a piece like this is timeless. I have no problem  buying newer vintage as long as it’s appropriately classic. I’d wear a white blouse or pair of good loafers from any era. It’s the trends that squick me. Anything that screams ’70s or ’80s. Or worse, pieces that try and fail to capture a certain era. Sometimes I still have nightmares about ’80s-does-’40s dresses with elastic waists.

redsuitxredsuitv redsuitxiv

Jacket: ’40s, Carla Sue Vintage

Blouse: ’50s, 1919 Vintage

Skirt: ’70s, 1919 Vintage

Hat: ’50s, eBay

Everything else: thrifted

Pirate: yar redsuitviiiredsuitiv redsuitxiiiredsuitxiredsuitxiiredsuitix redsuitxv

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

5 thoughts on “happy belated”

  1. The suit is stunning. I’m with you on the 1970’s/80’s stuff. Some of it is fantastic. Especially wool skirts. I think in that era there was still a lot of women dressing in classic, older styles, not all psychedelic hippy

  2. Aww you and your boo are adorable together – I totally get what you mean about not wanting to parade your relationship around social media. It’s your happiness and private life, you don’t have to promote your love on social media at all! Sometimes when people post A TON about their relationships, it comes off as if they have to convince others it’s real or prove it’s real (even themselves)! LOL!

    Anyway, this suit is ROCKING! Gosh, is there anything better than a bright bold red??

  3. I’m a rather private person with respects to the same aspects. It’s just not my thing and it’s not what my blog is about. So I’ve tried to hold back on family issues, politics, and personal/relationship things. Heck, my husband rarely makes and appearance on the blog!

    All of that said, darling outfit, and gotta love it when another decade works as a completely different one!


  4. I am only just learning the value of privacy and having a private life, unfortunately as you know through some pretty petty circumstances! But I’ve never been overtly gushy about my relationship with my husband, because like Sara said sometimes it almost feels like the more you post online about it, the more you’re trying to convince someone it’s true. And because the things I have to say about/to him are… really for him, and for me, and not for anyone else!

    I love seeing these photos of you and Josh though! You guys are so cool. I wish we lived close because I want to photograph you both.

    This SUIT THOUGH. You look stunning. I’m amazed you found such a perfect red match for that jacket, and I just. The details. The collar of the shirt, the little pin, the detail of the jacket, the hat, the pockets, your hair, everything. You’re perfect.

    Kristina | eyreeffect.com

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