in like a chimera

I had planned to post these last week when it hit 65 degrees, but the temperature plummeted the next day and ruined my whole “in like a lamb” theme. So here I am – better late than never, but still pretty damn late.

Not to mention that I already took these photos almost three weeks ago and I haven’t taken any since. It’s the end-of-season doldrums, I know, but that doesn’t make it suck any less. You’ve already seen all my winter clothes. I just want some straw hats and cotton skirts. I thought getting a head start on my spring/summer sewing would cheer me up, but all it’s done is tantalize: I’ve got a closet full of airy blouses I can’t yet wear. Boo hiss.

I’m also moving in less than two weeks (just down the block, but still a pain), so my blog might be quiet a little longer. Rest assured, though, that it’s not by choice.

Dress: ’40s, Old Gold

Coat: ’50s, Barge Canal Market

Gloves: Mainly Vintage

Hat: flea market

Everything else: thrifted


  1. This dress may be my most favorite thing I’ve seen on your blog ever! It’s just amazing! Also, this coat is spectacular!


  2. Living for this dress! I love the different flecks of color, which really brightens up the navy. The green and baby blue accessories do a great job making this feel a little springlike, which is always a nice feeling when you’ve got the “end of season doldrums,” as you put it.

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