matching bricks & deco drama

Here’s an easy tell that I took these photos almost a month ago: no ring! Way back when, I used to post photos as soon as I edited them. Nowadays I definitely opt for quality over quantity. I’d rather wait until I actually have something meaningful to say.

Plus, who’s got time for that? I post once a week on a good week; managing twice means busting out the champagne. In addition to my full-time job, I’ve fallen right down the museum studies rabbit hole.

And my god, I do love it. I’ve always struggled with academic motivation, no matter how much I enjoy any given subject. I was worried that I’d revert to slacking, but – not so! I’m working my girdled butt off here, and I’m honestly delighted to be doing so. I think I’m so motivated because this doesn’t feel abstract for me. It’s tangible investment in a career that I very much want.

I’ve flirted with so many career paths in my life, but they all seem to boil down to this. I love stories, I love history, I love textiles. I love humanizing the past, and I love unlocking a whole world by examining its effects. I’ve thrown myself variously at writing, at theater, at costume design, but there was never much there there. Museum studies pulls it all together and then some. Everything has risen, as they say, and now it must converge.

And on a more material note, how sweet is this dress? It was listed as ’50s on eBay, but I’d put money on it being ’40s or even late ’30s. The side zip, the shoulder pads, the fluted hem – open and shut. If it’s ’50s, it’s a damn good decoy.



Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

2 thoughts on “matching bricks & deco drama”

  1. Studying for the love of studying is the best feeling ever! Congrats on finding the course that’s right for you!

    (Actually, congratulations on a lot of things..) I must confess it’s been a while since I’ve read your blog (or anyones really! I got overwhelmed and behind)

    SO congratulations on your job and Engagement! (and on that fabulous dress!)

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