oatmeal, burgundy, & life lately

Something cosmic, I can’t help but feel, knows what December means. In the past few weeks I’ve had a flurry of successes unprecedented by the rest of the year, like I’ve hit some metaphysical deductible and the dividends are cashing out. It’s a pretty good time to be me. This Deco delight is one of my favorite outfits in a long time, so it’s a fitting backdrop for sharing my recent spoils.

First, my exhibit design final came together beautifully! Technically I only had to do an outline, but I’m nothing if not #extra: I staged a whole exhibit anyway. “Shifts of Theseus: Bringing Historical Fashion from Two Dimensions to Three”. I’m planning a post about it later this month, but for now I’ll leave you with this Instagram preview. Need I even say I was heartbroken to take it down?

Second, my debut piece for Racked ran earlier this month. “The Complicated History of Hoop Skirts: This Difficult-to-Wear Skirt Helped to Break Down Class Barriers“. I first encountered this bit of social history in preparing my panel for the Springfield Steampunk Festival, and it fascinated me. I ended up writing about it for my first museum studies paper, which then became this article. The mid-19th century isn’t my usual era, but I hope I did it justice nonetheless. Also — Racked is a delight to work with, and I’m not getting paid to say so. Prompt returns and insightful editing shouldn’t be so rare in this industry, but as long as they are, I’ll praise them to high hell. Positive reinforcement and all.

I also have two articles for Vintage Dancer coming out sometime in January. They’re both about trends of the 1960s — again, not my usual era, but surprisingly fun to write.

Finally, on the pulpier side of things, one of my short stories will be published in Aphotic Realm‘s online magazine. I heard the news Thanksgiving morning, and I’ve been constantly refreshing the page ever since. I’m pretty sure Comcast has decided I’m a bot, but there’s no way I can feign insouciance about this! Getting fiction published is way, way more difficult than nonfiction, so this really means a lot. I’ll be screeching about it as sure as it’s up; stay tuned for that as well.

Keep an eye out in the next couple weeks for my exhibit post and my Best of 2017!

Coat: probably ’50s, The Getup Vintage

Dress: ’40s, Atelier Fayette

Hat: ’30s, eBay

Everything else: thrifted

red of tooth and claw

Funny how you don’t realize you’re in a rut until you’re out of it. My color palette has been remarkably confined — or shall we say curated? — lately: orange and blue, green and oatmeal, burgundy and gold. Burnished autumnal shades that look best in rayon and wool. Bright red seemed almost too garish, which is an unsettling thing to realize about a color that was once your favorite. Perhaps it’s just the contrarian in me: red is the most stereotypical “vintage” color, so of course I’ll find it passé.

But this coat had such a marvelous shoulder line and was only $35. I decided on the spot I was going to make it work, even if it clashes — and not the power kind — with most of my outfits.

And, well — I don’t believe in soul mates, but this rayon dress has me reconsidering. Such a perfect match for my red coat! The dress’s print is so busy and so unique that it would clash with a more textured topper, so the coat’s relatively understated material works great. And brown goes with everything. I bought this hat at a flea market last summer in Maine, and I’ve been eager for a chance to blog it. The collar, of course, is a winter staple.

The button on my left glove broke off as soon as I started shooting, so you’ll notice the hanging strap. I don’t mind, though. I like my shoots to look like real outfits people actually wore; imperfections help drive that home.

A happy December to you all, and a vow to blog more often this month. My semester ends next week, and I am giddy at the prospect of kicking back with hella Greek pastries. Fat with anticipation of being fat.

Coat: ’40s, Wyoming Vintage

Dress: ’40s/’50s, eBay

Hat: flea market