Lately I’ve been trying to find a middle ground in my wardrobe. For the longest time I was completely bimodal: Deco Dame or sweatpants-and-stained-tee. I had almost no vintage-appropriate casual wear. This year I’m trying to change that.

Y’all know I love my feathers and lace, but I also love an element of surprise. Dressing to the max every day removes that possibility, leaving me nowhere to go but done. No way of topping myself. I attended a friend of a friend’s wedding recently and realized: I was exactly as fancy as usual. And that just won’t do. Especially since I’m getting married myself this year: how can I wow anyone if I already pull out all the stops every day? To more charitably paraphrase Calvin & Hobbes: always underpromise and overdeliver.

So I’ve been making a solid effort to don day dresses most of the time and keep my evening ones where they belong. Thanks to Old Gold‘s ongoing vintage purge, I’ve nabbed some really gorgeous, solid pieces at nigh-impossible prices. Thanks to three missing buttons, this woolen beauty went for $25. Tell me again how wearing vintage is so expensive?

I know fortune cookies everywhere tell you to eat dessert first, but I think life’s more fun with something to look forward to.