she lives!

I’ll spare you the whole groveling non-pology. It’s always a little weird when bloggers do that, as though the world’s been champing at the bit for their return. Y’all surived while I took a hiatus, and you’ll continue surviving if I take another.

Honestly, I don’t have a reason other thanĀ this winter was too damn much. Taking oufit pictures was just about the last thing I felt like doing, even though I’ve braved the wind in years past. Youthful invincibility wearing off, maybe? I am, after all, turning a whole twenty-four years old next month.

But it’s (finally) spring, and I (finally) feel up to spending more than a hot minute outdoors. I’ve got some gorgeous deco rayons to photograph and quite a backlog of projects to share. Until then, enjoy some shots from last month of the 1950s Edith Windsor suit I’ve been living in all winter. One of my best eBay finds ever. It works equally well with feathered bonnets and slouchy berets, and it’s a rare suit that can accomplish such a thing!