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the girl


My name is Skye, but I prefer red to blue. I don’t actually wish I’d come of age in the ’40s – I like contraception and credit cards – but I sure want to dress like it. I swoon for starched pleats, and I feel positively naked without red lipstick.


I’m a writer by trade and a performer by inclination. I never stopped being a theater kid, except now there’s way more booze involved. I accept bribery in the form of Manhattans, first-edition Flannery O’Connor novels, or live performances of Avenue Q. Antiquing is my favorite thing in the world, yellow journalism my least. I have a lot of opinions and nary an ounce of tact, but I’ve been told I’m lovable anyway. Somehow.


In my head, I’m Mae West’s absinthe-swilling second coming. In real life, I spend a lot of time on Reddit. I am one of those people who is Always Working on a Book.

the blog

When I started My Kingdom for a Hat in 2012, my repertoire consisted of “cell-phone pictures and thrifted crap”. Since then, I’ve grown out of shabby collegiate weirdness and into vintage grace. I’ve nursed a passion for photography, a yen for staging the perfect scene. I take all my own photos unless otherwise specified. I love telling a story in a single photographic frame, and I love the stories vintage dresses whisper in my ear.

My Kingdom for a Hat features my daily vintage outfits, my adventures in antiquing, updates from my Etsy shop, and the occasional me-made dress. I’m a Theater Kid with a capital T, so expect some costumed shoots and Renn Faire excursions in the mix. Above all, I’m itching to create and share. I love flappers and pinups and foggy witches’ moors. I love impractical shoes. I love being alive and telling you all about it.


the summary

I would literally trade my kingdom for a really excellent hat.


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