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My name is Skye, but I prefer red to blue. I’m a modern woman in love with the trappings of the past. In my head I’m Mae West’s absinthe-swilling second coming; in real life I spend too much time on Reddit.

Everything I do involves my love of stories, especially the stories forgotten objects tell. I’m a part-time freelance writer, part-time museum educator, and full-time Art Deco dame. Moonlighting, of course, as the Mad Hatter. Yeah, I really do love hats that much. Diligent archivist or self-justifying hoarder: the world may never know.

the blog

When I started My Kingdom for a Hat in 2012, my repertoire consisted of “cell-phone pictures and thrifted crap”. Since then, I’ve grown out of shabby collegiate weirdness and into vintage grace. I take all my own photos unless otherwise specified. I love telling a story in a single photographic frame, and I love the stories vintage dresses whisper in my ear.

My Kingdom for a Hat features my daily vintage outfits, my historical costuming, and my adventures in humanizing the past. The 1920s through the ’40s are my happy place, but in the past year I’ve broken into the 1890s and beyond. 2018, I hope, will be the year I finally sew some Georgian!

Find me on Instagram @isadora_drunken.

the summary

I would literally trade my kingdom for a really excellent hat.


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