new in the shop

I’m selling off more of my own stash. I kind of hate the phrase “shop my closet”, but if you’ve ever wanted to do so, now’s your chance!

For those of other sizes – never fear; there’s plenty of goodies today, including a vintage wedding dress I found at Goodwill(!).


50s Raspberry Skirt Suit Size L/XL / $60.00


50s Pink Polyester Suit Size M/L / $70.00


50s Fit-and-Flare Snap-Waist Dress Size L / $40.00


50s Novelty Print Cotton/Rayon Dress / Size XL


50s Orange Polyester Swing Skirt Size L / $40.00


60s/70s Green Ruffled Swing Dress / $45.00


50s Red Polyester Patio Dress Size S / $60.00


80s Pink Polyester Dress Size M / $30.00


50s Lace Fit-and-Flare Wedding Dress Size S / $260.00





new in the shop

This shop update was a looong time coming, and I still have more vintage to list. Along with some gorgeous dresses I found at a costume sale last summer, I’m selling some pieces from my personal collection.  I need to be more realistic about what fits me, rather than stuffing myself into any vintage dress with a halfway pretty print. If it doesn’t fit, I must (ac)quit.  Quality over quantity. So I’m selling about a third of my own dresses, all things you’ve seen me wear on the blog.

(Forgive the ModCloth titles – it’s cheesy, but it sells.)


Gourmet in Green Dress / $40.00 / worn here


Winsome in White Eyelet Dress / $50.00


Secretarial in Stripes Dress / $50.00 / worn here


Green Glory Maxi Dress / $40.00


Fabulous in Ferns Dress / $30.00


Alice in Blue Dress / $40.00 / worn here


Belle of the (Beach) Ball Dress / $30.00 / worn here


Black (& Brown) Beauty Dress / $35.00 / worn here (oh how it pains me to sell this one)


Red, White, & Sleeveless Blue / $50.00


Swingin’ Cowgirl Dress / $40.00 / worn here


Schoolmarm Chic Dress / $40.00


Heady in Honeycomb Dress / $40.00


Prancing in Purple / $40.00


Square-Dance Siren / $50.00


Blueberry Babe Dress / $35.00


Velvet Va-Va-Voom / $40.00


I may be just as insufferable as I was last year, but dammit, I think I produced some pretty good art in 2014. If 2013 was the year I “actually took on some semblance of a recognizable style“, then 2014 was about figuring out how to work my goddamn camera.

These are my favorite posts of the year. This isn’t just a “hey give me a lots of clicks” attention grab; I have slightly more integrity than that. I just really enjoy seeing where I am artistically. And, y’know, getting lots of clicks. I’m only human.

pair I

bloody snowmy tacky manifesto

pair II

garden of earthly delights & something is terribly wrong with the princess

pair III

loonette’s heyday & girl on the burning tightrope

pair IV

my precious & by the sea (mr. t)

pair V

steam for a day & curvy girls with floral curls

pair VI

curious little beastie & decadent decades

pair VII

mad as a hattrix & rockabilly religion major

pair VIII

the traveling yellow skirt freak show & the other holy grail




new in the shop

Featuring New Look dresses and some really luxurious coats. I’ve decided to focus on selling fewer things at higher prices. I don’t just want to sell old clothes, oh no. I want to be known for my cache of real vintage treasures. I’ve always wanted to play the ageless crone with the ring-weighted fingers, rummaging through silks and pawing velvets. I just want to preserve beauty.

As usual, click on each item to see its listing.

kh I kh VI kh V kh IV kh III kh II

she lives!

Josh and I are well established in the new place. Photo tour to follow as soon as I can find my goddamn camera charger. We found a two-bedroom specifically so we could have a workshop for my vintage dealing and his steampunk art. As such, I’m buzzing to announce the grand re-opening of Dressed in the Dark Vintage! I closed up shop back in March for lack of storage space, but in the new apartment, I have an entire closet JUST for Etsy stuff.

And I’ve got a few tricks up my poofy sleeve. I want to renovate the shop a little, and one of my updates is better categorizations. You’ll notice the first new category: All Hallows’, where witchy wear will reside. Over time, I’d like to compile a few more stylistic categories: rockabilly, bohemian, etc. It’s more interesting than just “dresses, skirts, tops”.

I take a lot of joy in analyzing vintage. I lurk in brick-and-mortar shops far out of my price range just to park myself in rows of dresses and examine the seams and cuts. (“Why won’t she buy something?” the shopgirl moans, shedding a single tear.) I love getting my greasy hands all over relics of other people’s lives. More than that, I love conducting between the old and the new: dusting off something long faded and sending it off to its revival.

This is my ten-dollar-word way of saying BUY MY SHIT! Click on each photo to see its listing. This isn’t even half of my new stock (again with the camera charger), so check back soon.


white vest black vest hallows II


ode to buying stuff

In the name of my new tattoo (less than a week away!), I spent last night browsing Etsy for scandalous backless swimsuits. Never too early to start planning beach bonfires and other assorted illegalities. And I happened to find some old modeling shots of me from my days with Owlhurst Loft Vintage. The shop is on something of a hiatus while Erin, its curatrix, prepares to expunge her first kid. Crotchlings are expensive, though, so she could probably use a few extra sales. So, in addition to the smexy shots of swimsuit-clad me, check out some of Owlhurst’s other treasures. Click on each photo for its link.

owlhurst I

owlhurst II


owlhurst III


owlhurst IV


owlhurst V

owlhurst VI

owlhurst VII


owlhurst VIII


owlhurst IX


owlhurst X


owlhurst XI


owlhurst XII

get me out of here

So here’s the thing. After almost a year together, the fucktoy and I are finally taking the plunge and combining all our (other)worldly possessions. Come May, he’s moving into my apartment to share my bedroom, hog the covers, and clog the shower drain. I can’t wait. I’m thrilled to come home to my best friend every single day. That said, I’m gonna need somewhere to put him.

I currently have thirty-eight items listed in my Etsy shop. That’s also roughly how many dresses and skirts I own for my personal use. Thanks to storing Etsy crap on every godforsaken surface, my room is absolutely stuffed to the brim with clothes. It’s claustrophobic for just one person. I need to unload some of them in the name of making sure Josh and I don’t straight-up end each other (and not in a kinky way).

So! From now until April 1st, take 50% off any Dressed in the Dark purchase by entering the code GETMEOUTOFHERE at checkout. Yup, ANY purchase. Go forth and gorge yourselves! Here’s a preview of the new items I listed today, as well as some of the shop’s classics. 

new I new II new III

new IV new V new VI

new VII new VIII new IX new X

brand spankin’ old

As usual, click on each photo to see its listing. A nice mix of realism (swaddle-licious wool coats) and fantasy (dreamy spring dresses).

etsy IV

etsy III

etsy II

This coat has the most comprehensive story of any garment I’ve ever sold. Its wool was produced in Worumbo Mill, which closed in 1964 and currently holds a place on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s listed on Etsy for now, but I’m debating selling it to a private collector. Want to be the one to change my mind?

etsy VII

etsy I

etsy V

etsy VI

etsy VIII

hats on hats

red VII

It’s been a while since I’ve truly lived up to my blog’s name. Today’s outfit is your fairly standard flapper wear, but I’m also showing off some of my vintage treasures. I plan to list all these hats on Etsy by the end of the day. Hold me to that, won’t you? Until then, I leave you with this tease of a preview.

red I

red IX

red V

This one is already listed.

red II red VIII

red III

red X

Dress & Tights: Goodwill Boots & Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Bow: Classy Closet

red IV