On Monday I spirited away to Montpelier for a totally impromptu shoot with Brent. He messaged me on Facebook, and forty minutes later I was on the bus, because why the hell not? Brent and I have worked together on and off for three and a half years now, almost as long as I’ve been…

danica in daguerrotype

I took these photos of Danica almost six months ago now and promptly forgot about them, likely due to the bucket of sangria that concluded our shoot. I found them a couple days ago, edited them up, and here you are! (Yes, the Victrola is actually hers. How cool is that?) 

haunt for the holidays

Can we take a moment and collectively appreciate Kristina of Eccentric Owl here? I’d known since my birthday (back in May) that I had a package from her on the way, but I had no idea it would be this package. I finally received it on Monday (the day before my half birthday), and…lord oh lord was…

brace the sails to starboard

I love open water. Love. I know r/thalassophobia is supposed to be nightmare fuel, but no – I browse it to bolster my dreams. The waves don’t scare me: the sea is a beast, but it’s a beast tamed by physicists and mapmakers. It knows the rules. On Saturday we took a day trip to Plattsburgh,…

beluga, sevruga, come winds of the caspian sea

With her pervasive purpleness and queenly affect, Holly doesn’t need a lot of prep to become Ursula. I’ve been wondering for a while, though: where is the line between an artistically altered image – a blending of photography with other elements of storytelling – and an image that’s straight-up overshopped? I know badly ‘shopped pictures…

ride with the moon in the dead of night

I’m halfway done with shows, and I’ve had five precious days off! We start our second run tomorrow night, but I’m at least sort of rested this time. And I was free enough to have a photo day with Holly this past Sunday. Did you know that Ethan Allen is buried less than a mile…

hell week

I am inordinately pleased that it’s not just my local theater crowd that calls it that. Even Wikipedia says so. And hellish it is. I ate Wendy’s last night. Wendy’s. We open in two days, but at least I got a visit to my little mountain hometown this weekend. I always move a little slower,…

guest post on eccentric owl

In honor of Kristina’s brand-new baby girl, I’m guest posting on her blog today in one of my most flagrantly feminine dresses. (I took these pictures before I switched from pink to red, so forgive the throwback.)

harriet in orange

I’m over on Shaped by Style today in Emily’s smashing pumpkin coat, feeling very much like an especially colorful spy.


At summer camp, teaching young’uns and testing my intestinal mettle on dorm food. This is why I always have backlogged photos on hand.  

ash & me, part ii

My favorite sort of work: bright and lilting but also a little bit upsetting, in a way you can’t quite understand.

the witch & the sprite, part ii: polka dots & trilliums

The second batch from my recent shoot with Holly. I like having friends who are dark where I am light. I am more a fairy, swathed in silks and gleeful scandal, than a witch. I need more trenchant forces to balance me.