On Monday I spirited away to Montpelier for a totally impromptu shoot with Brent. He messaged me on Facebook, and forty minutes later I was on the bus, because why the hell not? Brent and I have worked together on and off for three and a half years now, almost as long as I’ve been modeling, but it had been a while since the last one. I’d forgotten just how in sync our creative impulses are.

He’s still editing most of the photos (we took several hundred), but I’m happy to present the first few. Both the collages are edited by me.


haunt for the holidays

skirtVIII skirtI

Can we take a moment and collectively appreciate Kristina of Eccentric Owl here? I’d known since my birthday (back in May) that I had a package from her on the way, but I had no idea it would be this package. I finally received it on Monday (the day before my half birthday), and…lord oh lord was it worth the wait.

Besides making (yes, making) the skirt in this post, she thrifted me a pair of retro heels, a spangled fascinator, and a cherry-print blouse. I feel positively spoiled. I haven’t been wearing many separates lately, but this skirt stirred my desire for a kitschy skirt-and-sweater combo, and lo! – I’ve been wearing the outfit in this post for two days straight now. Holiday mashups are my new favorite thing.

skirtII skirtVII

Skirt: from Kristina

Everything else: thrifted

skirtVI skirtIV skirtXIIIskirtXIVskirtIII

This look was unintentionally super similar to last year’s Thanksgiving outfit. I’d wager it’s an improvement – I have both a much better camera and much longer hair.

skirtX skirtXIIskirtVskirtXI

brace the sails to starboard


I love open water. Love. I know r/thalassophobia is supposed to be nightmare fuel, but no – I browse it to bolster my dreams. The waves don’t scare me: the sea is a beast, but it’s a beast tamed by physicists and mapmakers. It knows the rules.

On Saturday we took a day trip to Plattsburgh, NY, just a ferry ride away, and neither of us wanted to disembark. A nautical affect makes Josh look even more like Captain Hook than he already does.


Dress: vintage, via brick-and-mortar store

Hat: vintage, thrifted

Everything else: thrifted


I’m fancy lately, even more so than usual. My hair is finally long enough for pinned hats and (pseudo) victory rolls. I always shift this way as the cold comes in: my sartorial desires become more “old-money matron” and less kooky!cute. But this year it feels like more. It feels, in a way it’s never felt before, like changing for good. I’ve been wanting to wear black lately. Black.

Not that I’m hurrying to pull a 180. But I do think my look might be evolving in some ways. I wore a cutesy dress last week and felt like I was wearing a costume. I think I’m fumbling, in my way, toward elegance.

pbIII pbIVpbXVpbXVII pbXX pbVI pbXIV pbVII pbXXIpbX

beluga, sevruga, come winds of the caspian sea


With her pervasive purpleness and queenly affect, Holly doesn’t need a lot of prep to become Ursula.


I’ve been wondering for a while, though: where is the line between an artistically altered image – a blending of photography with other elements of storytelling – and an image that’s straight-up overshopped? I know badly ‘shopped pictures when I see them, but it’s a “frog in boiling water” thing: when I’m editing my own photos, I can’t tell when I’m crossing the line. Does anyone else struggle with this?

ursulaIV ursulaVII ursulaVI ursulaV ursulaVIII

ride with the moon in the dead of night

cmIV cmIX

I’m halfway done with shows, and I’ve had five precious days off! We start our second run tomorrow night, but I’m at least sort of rested this time. And I was free enough to have a photo day with Holly this past Sunday. Did you know that Ethan Allen is buried less than a mile from my house? Now you do!

(I once bragged about that to a friend from the Midwest, and he did not know who Ethan Allen was. Whaaat. You don’t grow up in Vermont without having half a dozen lessons per year on him.)

cmsIII cmsV cmVIII cmhIVcmhV cmXIV cmXVI cmhXIcmhIX cmXXI cmXXII cmhII cmsIX cmXXIII cmXXVI

Dress: vintage, via Soulrust 

Cape: from a friend

Everything else: thrifted

cmsXI cmhXIIhollyI



hell week


I am inordinately pleased that it’s not just my local theater crowd that calls it that. Even Wikipedia says so. And hellish it is. I ate Wendy’s last night. Wendy’s.

We open in two days, but at least I got a visit to my little mountain hometown this weekend. I always move a little slower, a little more deliberately, a little more Buddhist after going home.

homeV homeXIX homeXIV homeVIIhomeIIIhomeVI homeVIII

Dress: Hell Bunny

Hat: old & beloved

Everything else: thrifted

homeIX homeXXI homeXVIII homeXVI homeXV homeXVII homeI homeXI homeX homeXII homeIIhomeIVhomeXXII