pop art on the prairie


Oh hey, an outfit I actually wore as-is and not a costume I embellished for the sake of mugging for the camera! Been a while since I’ve done one of those. I got both these pieces at this weekend’s Downtown Threads 50%-off sale, now sadly defunct. You wouldn’t put these pieces together intuitively, but fuck intuition. Fuck what’s supposed to work. It’s not my kind of party unless you’re viscerally squicked.

I don’t have a lot to say today. I’m quiet and content. Let my colors speak for themselves, and let me enjoy the Archer premiere in peace.








Dress & Blouse: Downtown Threads Brooch: Battery Street Jeans Hat: Old Gold Shoes: Stella Mae (giveaway) Tights: Gifted


flap flap

bright XI

Chopped off my hairs. I feel like Louise Brooks. I actually went full flapper for my NYE outfit – slip, sequined sweater, cupid’s-bow lips. (Sadly, the light was all wrong for photos.) At heart, I’m roaring right along with the infamous ’20s. I may indulge in other eras, but I am such a goddamn flapper. And I find it really interesting how fashion echoes itself. The fiercely mod 60s definitely channels flapper culture in its own way. There’s a certain hedonism. A lushness – or loucheness, depending who you ask. A picture of bright, swinging womanhood.

bright I

For my first outfit post of the new year (and the first in my new apartment!), I married the 20s and the 60s into one electrified union.

bright II

bright IV

bright XIII

bright X

bright V

bright III

bright VIII

Blouse & Necklace: Old Gold Skirt: Savers Tights & Crinolines: Spirit Halloween Glasses: Zenni Optical

bright VII


I just moved into a new (and much nicer; let’s be real) apartment. I’ll be posting a room tour as soon as I can! Check back.