snake-oil salesgirl

I spent yesterday down at Battery Street Jeans, taking advantage of September’s 20%-off-with-student-ID promotion. I found a veritable assload (how I love combining high and low diction) of luscious vintage blouses. Best part? No individual piece cost more than $6.

Y’all know I love creepy-crawlies. ‘Til now, I’d relied mostly on skulls and spiders (though I’ve had my eye on a certain eyeball headband for a while). Today marks my sojourn into the serpentine.

I’ve realized that contrast, sharp contrast and lots of it, is my predominant stylistic trope. High and low diction. The louche and the ladylike. The gory and the graceful. I’m always a little anachronistic – never sliding fully into whichever era I’m embodying that day. I like it that way. In this outfit, the necklace is what does it. The pop of garish kitsch against the more elegant blouse and skirt really ties everything together.

My hair is red again. I couldn’t stay away.

I need to tailor this skirt. I have to safety-pin it when I wear a belt, and even then it bulges oddly. This weekend I plan to sit down and alter a whole bunch of clothes.

First time wearing my Harley boots this fall! It was too warm for tights today. I rather like the bare-legged look.

Blouse, Belt, Skirt, and Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Boots: Handed down from Mom Skull Ring: 18th birthday


Here’s the song this post makes me think of. (Carbon Leaf is my absolute favorite band and I’m seeing them on November 3rd!)