cirque de la crazypants

clown I

You guys, I tried so hard to design an entire “creepy clown” shoot. But as many angles as I tried, as many variations of light, the camera wasn’t having it. These five shots are the only ones I consider worthy of posting, though I fully intend to return to this idea another time.

My mindscape’s been a circus the past few days. I mean a literal circus – I’m ringmistress and freakshow in one. Green Mountain Cabaret’s July show, taking place on the 26th, is carnival-themed, so I suppose I’m not the only one. I’ve been thinking of shooting an entire series as different circus characters. What would y’all think? I’m sure Josh could lend me some hair for the bearded lady.

clown II clown III clown IV clown V

the second-best day of the year


Today I’m Crystal Lil from Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love (a book I love so much I ought to get royalties for plugging it). Geek Love (“geek” in the second sense) is about a carnival-owning couple who decide, with the help of various fetal poisons, to breed their own freak show. Crystal Lil, the matriarch, is a showgirl worthy of Palahniuk or Easton Ellis – “kind of a Gypsy Rose Lee who bites the heads off chickens and drinks their blood”.

Of course I had to play her.

The best part of this costume is the fact that I already owned all the components. My wardrobe is that comprehensive.

Five of Lil’s freak children survive to adulthood; she pickles the ones who don’t and displays their tiny corpses in jars. In that vein, I thought the skull was a nice touch.

I just happened to own a water bottle emblazoned with a skull and crossbones. It was perfect for Lil’s poisons.

My usual pic editor was offline today. I had to make do with a less consistently decent one, hence the lower-than-usual quality.

I dressed like this for class and errands today. Costumes are nothing if you can’t commit to them.