eros & thanatos

grave XVIII

When Holly and I visit graveyards. she pacifies the loa with an offering of white rum. It tugs my heartstrings a little to see rum spilled on the ground, but I’d prefer that to angry loa. She is training to, eventually, become a mambo: Vodou priestess. I have some pretty cool friends.

My approach to horror and the occult is fundamentally sunny. I take almost childlike delight in the world, and I want to investigate highs and lows alike. Holly, like most of my friends, is darker. I have always been drawn to people who are unflinchingly morbid. The sort who wear black no matter the season and can only be happy when it rains. My life is full of nightmare fetishists and ghede worshipers, and I love it.

Eros and thanatos indeed.

grave I


Where the gnomes go to lay their dead.

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grave XVI

grave XIV

the scratch family



I live ten minutes by foot from Ethan Allen’s resting place. I locked my camera on its most ethereal setting and hoped a spirit or two would lope into frame. It’s a little surreal to know that one of my state’s best and brightest lies reduced to dust just yards from me. We ¬†all get there eventually. In death, you’re not special.


Under my steely lens, I felt more gothic than I have in months. Josh and Holly were happy to oblige my urge to capture the day. Turning my friends ashen and fierce felt wonderfully subversive: the alive playing shamelessly at death, appropriating the crumbling corpses we’ll one day become? Sign me up.















still not dead yet

Copyright Brent Gould 2013.

cemetery IX

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cemetery III

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cemetery XI

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cemetery XXVI

I wore the prairie dress to a medieval fair with my boyfriend yesterday.



I love us.

not dead yet

Frolicking in a pretty dress between gravestones under a canopy of flowers encompasses, like, four of my favorite things. All I need now is a bowl of pad Thai and a few eyeballs.

Copyright Brent Gould 2013. Many more to come as I receive them.

incantatrix I

incantatrix II

incantatrix III

I’m a puddle. Or a mushroom.

incantatrix IV

incantatrix VII

“Antebellum” is the word that comes to mind.

incantatrix VI

The only possible response.


Bonus pictures of my boyfriend, who I realized yesterday is basically a dead ringer for Inigo Montoya.

josh looks like inigo montoya

steampunk josh

Those were taken on a totally normal day, by the way. He loves dressing up as much as I do.