I finally got my modeling shots sorted, sub-sorted, and uploaded to Facebook for my IRL friends to ooh and ahh over. Out of ~400 photos, ~100 were good enough for Facebook, and only a fraction of those made it here. The best of the best.

I am not wearing makeup other than lipstick in any of these.

This is now my Facebook profile picture. I look like both my grandmothers in it.

THIS BLOUSE. I bought it on impulse (anything red and shiny will do that to me) five minutes before the shoot. I’m in love with the way it catches the light. This will be in heavy rotation come fall.

My hair totally changes color based on the light.

Half cowgirl, half wailing widow.

Seducing the camera. What I do best. In nine months I’ll give birth to a roll of film.

My favorite thing about my body is how soft it sometimes looks.

Welcome to leafy Burlington.

Beaver-toothed and proud of it. You know what? So was Hermione Fucking Granger.

“Why hello – omg a skull”

Facebook comment: “old maidpunk”


I loved doing this. It felt really right. I am meant to be a muse, I think. For Latin, for poetry, for clothes. (But Latin and poetry don’t make me feel like a bombshell.)

So now I need opinions. Is this something I should pursue? Is there a market for my kind of work? Anything I should change? My biggest dilemma right now is straight-size vs. plus-size modeling. I’m not exactly either, and I’d prefer not to gain or lose weight. Is that realistic? Can I fit in somewhere?

I’ve applied for a WickedTalent account, and tomorrow I have an interview with a photographer. We’ll see where things go.


Here’s your song. As you may have gleaned from the last few posts, I really, really like choral/orchestral/theatrical music.

surfboard dysphoria

Had I grown up by the ocean, I might be an entirely different person. Less high strung, for one, and probably not petty, obsessive, or narcissistic enough to document my outfits on the internet. Sometimes I attempt to channel a certain simplicity you don’t see anywhere but the Atlantic coast. Today was one of those times.

Yeah, my hair is pretty damn short now. Was sort of an accident, but I like it. It barely hits my jaw. I look even more like a lesbian* than usual.

*I’m not a lesbian. I’m just often told I look like one. Apparently I set off a lot of people’s gaydars.

ALSO! I got an awesome, awesome plug from Kate at Eat the Damn Cake, one of my favorite blogs. Only fair that I return the favor.

cue the mandolin

I didn’t leave the house or even get dressed today, so here’s a roundup featuring one of my favorite dresses. It makes me feel like a French country maiden. Photo age ranges from three months to two weeks.

My hair was orange in February and March. I like pink much better. The orange wasn’t intentional – rather, it’s what happens when Manic Panic Pillbox Red fades. I switched to Raspberry Splat in April, with no regrets. It fades, sure, but retains the same basic tone, and it doesn’t make my hair frizz appallingly like Manic Panic did.


This dress is from a novel little shop in Middlebury. It’s a lot less structured than I usually like my dresses to be, but the bust is gathered enough to compensate for the flimsy waist. And it’s great for my shoulders.

Both taken a month or so ago. I really prefer the dangly necklace to the pseudo-choker. The baubles accent the flower pattern. (My pin says “it’s not rocket surgery”.)

Taken on my birthday in May. The hat. IT’S A CAKE.

Bonus shot of sheer WTFery. (Also, I love how even a dress this summery can be winterized by boots, hat, and jacket. You can’t really tell, but the jacket is my famed spiderweb one!)

northern belle

I’m a little surprised at myself lately. I feel a little betrayed by my sudden desire to rock yellow and white. Tomorrow I need to wear a leather dress in the name of not losing all my goth cred. I wonder how much grease it takes to blacken my soul.

I went to work today, and even though I work in what amounts to a closet (filling herbal formulas in my dad’s alternative medicine clinic), I need to look put together. I’m someone who needs to get dressed immediately upon waking and stay dressed all day. I’m acutely uncomfortable in sweats and t-shirts. Not that I have to wear dresses every day, but I need to feel like I’ve made an effort.

The cardigan was a birthday addition. It has the same sleeve style as the grey top.

I love this with the snake bracelet. It’s like a physical extension of the dress’s pattern.

This dress is actually strapless. I’m just a mistress of illusion.

Gap teeth. What up.

I’m quite fond of my shoulders. I think they’re nicely shaped, and I like my collarbone. Holla, strapless dresses.

My eyes are onto you.

i take after my mother

Huge picdump of a post today. My mother handed down an old shirt of hers, as well as some jewelry. Considering how awesome I feel in her garments, our styles are more alike than I’d previously thought.


I ended up wearing the top two days in a row. First with leggings and my mother’s necklace, then with jeans and my trusty red hat. I think I prefer the latter, though I do love the first necklace.


From the first day. Notice the double-snake bracelet: I got it – AND A SKULL RING – for my birthday last week.

I love everything about this blouse. The gathered sleeves and frayed neckline accentuate my wrists and collarbone, of which I am rather fond. I also love rain-cloud grey. It’s an excellent backdrop for baubles.





life’s a witch and then you fly (this title format doesn’t do apostrophes. wut.)

I’ve owned this shirt and skirt since I was 14. The shirt used to be a typical boxy t-shirt, and a few days ago I cut it down to a more flattering shape. You can’t see, but it’s knotted in the back like stegosaurus scales.



“Life’s a witch and then you fly” was my yearbook quote in eighth grade. (My twelfth-grade one was “[T]he opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.” If that interests you.)

My general look is characterized by the contrast between hyperfeminine and goth/punk/badass/witchy. This outfit is a good example. I’m party on top, business on the bottom.

precious metals

It’s been a while, I know. In the past two weeks, I’ve taken four final exams, packed up and moved out of my dorm, painted my bedroom at home (magenta and lime – I’m basically living on the set of Wicked), and filled out about 20 job applications. The worst of the chaos is over, though, and I’m relaxing into my summer, finally reading The Hunger Games, and gathering excitement for my birthday on Thursday.

I haven’t, however, been neglecting the aesthetic. Here’s one from this past Wednesday. I got this dress for free at a clothing swap my dorm held shortly before move-out. The leggings are one of my staples, and I think the bag pulled it all together.


I’ve gone on record with my dislike for yellow. It doesn’t usually flatter my rather sallow skin. I think the silver bottom, though, gives the top a gold cast, which is a nicer complement than bright dandelion yellow. I really like it, actually, with the orange necklace and silver-white bracelet. I was really proud of my colors that day.


Snaggletooth pride. Amirite?

Leggings – Plato’s Closet

Orange necklace – Charlotte Russe

Hat – gift

Dress – clothing swap

Spiral necklace – gift

Bag – Bella Boutique

Sandals – Gaiam