new in the shop

Featuring New Look dresses and some really luxurious coats. I’ve decided to focus on selling fewer things at higher prices. I don’t just want to sell old clothes, oh no. I want to be known for my cache of real vintage treasures. I’ve always wanted to play the ageless crone with the ring-weighted fingers, rummaging through silks and pawing velvets. I just want to preserve beauty.

As usual, click on each item to see its listing.

kh I kh VI kh V kh IV kh III kh II

the creeper and her crawlies

It’s ninety-one degrees, and I’m lying in bed eating gummy bears and reading young-adult novels about witches the way good Osiris intended. Way too hot to put on anything but a bikini, so I’m bringing you another inspirations post. I haven’t done one in a while, and it’s always interesting to see how concrete my tastes are when I see all my favorite things at once. For example, I didn’t realize I was so into colorful brogues until I noticed that I’d bookmarked a good nine or ten posts featuring them.

bird of paradise lidia II


black lace lidia II


blue maxi lidia   maxi skirt lidia II


bug blouse dainty squid

About those crawlies… Source

cat shoes dainty squid

Dem brogues. I’m trying to track down a pair. Source

caterpillar pin dainty squid

I’m mad about this coat. Positively luscious color and cut. See more of it here. Also, caterpillars are my favorite animals.

denim shirt advanced style

Can’t wait to become an Advanced Style lady one day. Source

eye dress scathingly brilliant

Y’all know how I feel about eyeballs. This ain’t new. Source

eye ring dainty squid


eyeball collar dainty squid


floral necklace advanced style


floral shoes dainty squid


fuck you shoes tits and sass

These aren’t from a fashion blog; I spotted them on Tits and Sass, a wonderfully edifying blog about sex work and sex workers’ rights. They also remind me of my second-favorite fictional witch, Elphaba Thropp herself. (Maleficent will always come in at #1.)

galaxy skirt midwest muse


great shoes advanced style


egreat shoes dainty squid

Seriously, where does she find so many?! Source

green the sartorialist


handmade shoes dainty squid


orange puff bag advanced style

Inside me lives a garish harridan with lipstick angling past her lipline. My body’s about sixty years too young. Source

pink shoes II dainty squid

Seriously?! Source

silver bangles advanced style


snake ring dainty squid


striped dress dainty squid


striped dress midwest muse


titanic dress vixen vintage


watermelon necklace advanced style


pink dress karla's closet


map dress cherry blossom girl


creepy-doll dress mess in my closet

I’ll just leave this here. (NSFW).


Y’all sat through this, so here’s a little bonus: my new pumpkin friend!

pumpkin friend II

Oh, and as of last night, my hair is pink again. God, I’ve missed magenta so.

twelve little girls in two straight lines

A couple of weeks ago, I won a $50 gift card to Vintage Urban Renewal. I selected a lovely blue-and-white swing coat, which Michelle, the owner, shipped promptly. Shortly thereafter, the mercury dipped down into the 50s and 60s, giving me a good few opportunities to wear said coat before packing it away for the fall.

Continuing my children’s-book kick, I built this outfit as a sort of grown-up Madeline adaptation.

french blue II

french blue I

french blue V

french blue III

I couldn’t decide which purse I preferred…

french blue VII

french blue VIII

Coat: Vintage Urban Renewal Skirt, Belt, & Hat: Old Gold Blouse: Handed down from Mom Necklace: Gifted Shoes: Goodwill Tights: Sox Market Red Purse: Dirt Chic Flower Purse: Classy Closet


I’ve been sitting on this announcement for a couple of weeks now, itching to come out with it. (Before you ask, I’m not a lesbian.) My brand-spankin’-new Etsy store, Dressed in the Dark Vintage, is now open for business! I’ve been having so much fun finding and curating unique vintage items to sell, and I really hope it goes somewhere. If you are so inclined, “like” my page on Facebook to see my updates!

footloose fancy freak

I’ve finally got a decent lighting setup in my parents’ house. It’s a little blurry and temperamental depending on the time of day, but what it lacks in clarity it compensates for in angle: I can take much nicer full-body shots here than I could in my old living room.

Today I continue my general theme of “crackhead society dame”. I do love that aesthetic so.

floral hat I

floral hat II

Of course I noticed the huge tear in the coat AFTER I took all the photos. Of course.

floral hat III

floral hat IV

floral hat V

floral hat VI

floral hat VII

floral hat VIII

floral hat IX

floral hat XI

floral hat XII

I feel vaguely Hitchcockian. My life tends to deal heavily in motifs, and Hitchcockian themes have definitely been prominent lately. I saw my first of his films, Vertigo, last week, and I haven’t gotten it out of my head since.

floral hat XIII

floral hat XIV

Coat & Shoes: Goodwill Hat & Purse: Classy Closet Skirt: Old Gold Belt & Blouse: Handed down from Mom Necklace: Battery Street Jeans

My birthday’s in four days. NBD.

may i take a message?

I’m so mod it hurts. Feels like I should be making coffee for the boss and subconsciously presenting my ass for pattings.

My style is veering more and more toward the outsized lately. I have no room for subtlety. Basically, it’s “go big or go home”.

This is one of my favorite outfits in a long time.

secretary IV

secretary I

I’m getting my hair cut next week. I’ve been putting it off for a while now; the salon I want to go to is a bus ride away, and I need to find the time. It’ll be about ear-length. Until then, pigtails erryday.

secretary II

secretary VI

secretary VIII

Behold my chartreuse jacket’s magenta twin!

secretary X

secretary XI

secretary XII

secretary XIII

secretary XIV

secretary XV

secretary XVI

Skirt & Necklace: Old Gold Blouse: Battery Street Jeans Jacket: Macy’s Shoes: Danform Hat & Tights: Gifted

feast of fools

I was happy with this title until I realized it could be interpreted as mocking Passover. This is my official disclaimer.

I’ve taken lately to emulating my favorite bloggers. Rebecca, Marisa, Rachel, and Bebe. Today I’ve decided to turn my eye for parody and mimicry on my very own self. I like to think of this outfit as a caricature of my personal style: high femininity, ’60s silhouettes, and aggressive brights.

Basically, I’m a circus.

circus VIII

This jacket. Dear Lucifer, this jacket. I got two of them (one in magenta) for $11 this weekend at Macy’s, with a gift card I’d forgotten I had. Marked down from $100 each. I’ve never actually owned a hip-length peacoat before; my wardrobe, for all its tacky glory, has always been surprisingly lacking in staples. I didn’t own leggings or yoga pants until a year ago; I still don’t own a sweatshirt. I’m thrilled that I found such a psychedelic rendition of what could’ve been a boring basic.

circus I

circus II

I’ve owned this blouse for a year and worn it maybe once. I ripped it the first time I wore it out, and I only just got around to fixing it this morning.

circus III

circus IV

circus V

circus VII

circus IX

circus VI

Here’s to not looking like a tourist in the Big Bad Apple!

circus X

circus XI

circus XII

Jacket: Macy’s Skirt & Necklace: Old Gold Blouse & Belt: Battery Street Jeans Shoes: Danform Hat & Tights: Gifted

coveting, thy name is skye

I think I need a day to recover from Spectacle of Sin before I can get around to editing/posting any pics. Never have I known a better kind of exhaustion.

There’s a folder on my computer full of fashion images I find interesting or inspirational or just plain gawgeous. In the moment, I like to believe they’re truly random, that my taste is as arbitrary and eclectic as can be, but looking at them all together brings out surprising patterns. I wasn’t aware, for instance, that I liked feather print as much as it appears I do.

Here’s a roundup of what I’m interested in lately. My current primary aesthetic is stylized, controlled hyperfeminin(inininin)ity. Prim and starched up the wazoo. I try to maintain a sense of variety for the blog, but on the days I don’t post, I’m usually wearing outfits like this.

In this post: blazers, florals, and the moddest tights you’ve ever seen.

awesome bun mess in my closet

I had hair down to my waist until shortly before I graduated from high school. No regrets, but I do miss the elaborate buns I used to construct. Source

blue dress shades of monet

I’m a huge fan of print/texture mixing as long as it’s tightly controlled and works within a general theme, which Marisa does very well. Source

blue skirt thrill of the heel


bosch leggings ravishingly


closet vixen vintage

Yes, this is homegirl’s actual closet. Unf. Source

color chart

Colors-by-skin-tone chart from 1941. Source

fascinator ruby armoire


eye dress scathingly brilliant

I prefer this one, but this ain’t a bad take. Source

feather dress vixen vintage

What’d I tell you about feather print? Source

floral blazer modstylists


floral dress delightfully tacky

For some reason, this reminds me of Amelia Bedelia. Source

Yellow tights are great. I’m seeing them everywhere lately. I think my skin’s a little too sallow for me to pull them off properly, though, so I’m content to leave them to others.

floral hair ruby armoire

Some mornings I can barely manage to brush my hair. Source

floral vixen vintage

This looks quite a bit like my prom dress. Source

I don’t even like flowers all that much! I can take or leave their actual carbon forms. For some ungodly reason, though, their textile equivalents make me swoon.

galaxy skirt shades of monet


giraffe bracelet zero style


I’d like a two-headed giraffe.

gold skull karla's closet


hold me tights diva na urlopie


jumper calivintage


peacock shirt vixen vintage


peacock tights shades of monet


blue petticoat vixen vintage


just gaudy enough calivintage


polka-dot dress joyful fox


religion sweater mess in my closet


rip headband zero style


This girl used to work in a funeral home. I never thought I’d see another intersection of fashion and funerary science!

that skirt scathingly brilliant


those shoes delightfully tacky

dem shoes Source

turban vixen vintage


lenten lolita

This post is a shiny plastic dedication to Rebecca at Winnipeg Style, whose aesthetic is informing mine today. She’s impeccable at pastels with plastic mod accessories, which I’d wanted to try for a while.

I don’t actually celebrate Easter, but I never miss the chance to embody a holiday. Just pretend my bow is a set of bunny ears and my fingernails are lacquered edibles. Any and all egg puns are welcome. I wish I hadn’t left my bonnet at home over spring break.

I present to you my thoroughly queered Easter ensemble. (I keep getting the urge to use “queer” as a verb. My case of postmodernism is serious, you guys. Somebody – 5 CCs of objectivism, stat!)

Seriously, though. I really love highly stylized takes on traditional attire. There’s something deliberate and controlled about it.

laura ashley V

I got a straight-up vintage Laura Ashley dress for $10 at Classy Closet. (Did anyone else grow up reading the Baby-Sitters Club? Remember how Laura Ashley was the absolute height of preteen chic? [By the way, if you did read them, you should read my parodies on LiveJournal. There’s a surprisingly thriving mock-your-childhood-favorites community there.])

laura ashley IV

laura ashley II

laura ashley III

laura ashley XIX

laura ashley XX

laura ashley XVIII

laura ashley VIII

It has a pocket!

laura ashley IX

laura ashley X

laura ashley XVI

laura ashley XVII

laura ashley XI

Pink and white is a really underrated combination. It’s not just for infants and Lolicons.

laura ashley XII

laura ashley XIII

Dramatic floor-length dresses are thoroughly impractical for Vermont. One of the many, many reasons I’m looking forward to New York

Dress: Classy Closet Coat: Richmond Food Shelf & Thrift Store Belt, Bow, Boots, & Necklace: Old Gold

perhaps you’ve noticed something

I never intended to keep the name “Color Me Brazen” forever. It was a placeholder, and I actually left it in place a little longer than I meant to. It’s not bad wordplay, but I don’t think it accurately communicates my vision for this blog. “Color Me Brazen”, to me, says “I’m so chipper I just might put a bullet in your brain”. It’s too reminiscent of the cutesy fashion bloggers who address their readers as “darlings”. Nothing against those girls, but I ain’t one of ’em. “My Kingdom for a Hat” suggests more theatrics. It says “I’m probably a secret dancehall girl.”

My URL will stay the same, because it’s a pain in the ass to change those, and because I still want to milk the hits I get from people searching “color me brazen”.

I had my first shoot with Owlhurst Loft Vintage last Thursday. It was my first actual fashion shoot, believe it or not. I’m foremost an art model, and even though the outfits are important, it’s not the clothing I’m modeling so much as the entire aesthetic. Owlhurst Loft, by contrast, is an actual store. I’m modeling the clothes specifically for them to be sold.

Here’s the first round of shots. More to come as I receive them.

The shoes are my own. Everything else will soon be for sale through Owlhurst’s Etsy store.

owlhurst XV

I would absolutely wear this outfit.

owlhurst XIV

owlhurst I

owlhurst XIII

owlhurst XVI

Aside from in theatre, I’d never worn so much makeup. I still think it takes way too much time to do every day, but after seeing these pictures, I’m no longer opposed to doing it at least a couple times a week.

owlhurst XX

owlhurst XXI

owlhurst XXII

something something complementary prints

Guys, you all know how my style works by now.

So the other night I sat down and made a list of every possible outfit combination I want to try over the next few months. They got increasingly outlandish as my brain worked itself into a fever pitch, and I’m really, really excited now. Listmaking is a special pleasure of mine.

This was the first outfit on the list.

french III

I feel very parisienne today.

french II

french IV

french V

french VI

french VII

french VIII

french XI

Bird-print tights!

I’m on the fence about these shoes. They’re a little too hippie for this look. I didn’t want to cover up the tights with boots, though. A good loafer would probably work best.

french IX

french X

Blouse, Coat, & Belt: Handed down from Mom Skirt: Richmond Food Shelf Thrift Store Bracelet, Necklace, & Hat: Gifted Tights: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Danform

My favorite band has a new album out! So today, instead of posting a shitty YouTube bootleg, I’m going to gently urge you to actually plunk down some money, because they deserve the support.