the creeper and her crawlies

It’s ninety-one degrees, and I’m lying in bed eating gummy bears and reading young-adult novels about witches the way good Osiris intended. Way too hot to put on anything but a bikini, so I’m bringing you another inspirations post. I haven’t done one in a while, and it’s always interesting to see how concrete my tastes are when I see all my favorite things at once. For example, I didn’t realize I was so into colorful brogues until I noticed that I’d bookmarked a good nine or ten posts featuring them.

bird of paradise lidia II


black lace lidia II


blue maxi lidia   maxi skirt lidia II


bug blouse dainty squid

About those crawlies… Source

cat shoes dainty squid

Dem brogues. I’m trying to track down a pair. Source

caterpillar pin dainty squid

I’m mad about this coat. Positively luscious color and cut. See more of it here. Also, caterpillars are my favorite animals.

denim shirt advanced style

Can’t wait to become an Advanced Style lady one day. Source

eye dress scathingly brilliant

Y’all know how I feel about eyeballs. This ain’t new. Source

eye ring dainty squid


eyeball collar dainty squid


floral necklace advanced style


floral shoes dainty squid


fuck you shoes tits and sass

These aren’t from a fashion blog; I spotted them on Tits and Sass, a wonderfully edifying blog about sex work and sex workers’ rights. They also remind me of my second-favorite fictional witch, Elphaba Thropp herself. (Maleficent will always come in at #1.)

galaxy skirt midwest muse


great shoes advanced style


egreat shoes dainty squid

Seriously, where does she find so many?! Source

green the sartorialist


handmade shoes dainty squid


orange puff bag advanced style

Inside me lives a garish harridan with lipstick angling past her lipline. My body’s about sixty years too young. Source

pink shoes II dainty squid

Seriously?! Source

silver bangles advanced style


snake ring dainty squid


striped dress dainty squid


striped dress midwest muse


titanic dress vixen vintage


watermelon necklace advanced style


pink dress karla's closet


map dress cherry blossom girl


creepy-doll dress mess in my closet

I’ll just leave this here. (NSFW).


Y’all sat through this, so here’s a little bonus: my new pumpkin friend!

pumpkin friend II

Oh, and as of last night, my hair is pink again. God, I’ve missed magenta so.

something something complementary prints

Guys, you all know how my style works by now.

So the other night I sat down and made a list of every possible outfit combination I want to try over the next few months. They got increasingly outlandish as my brain worked itself into a fever pitch, and I’m really, really excited now. Listmaking is a special pleasure of mine.

This was the first outfit on the list.

french III

I feel very parisienne today.

french II

french IV

french V

french VI

french VII

french VIII

french XI

Bird-print tights!

I’m on the fence about these shoes. They’re a little too hippie for this look. I didn’t want to cover up the tights with boots, though. A good loafer would probably work best.

french IX

french X

Blouse, Coat, & Belt: Handed down from Mom Skirt: Richmond Food Shelf Thrift Store Bracelet, Necklace, & Hat: Gifted Tights: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Danform

My favorite band has a new album out! So today, instead of posting a shitty YouTube bootleg, I’m going to gently urge you to actually plunk down some money, because they deserve the support.

the filthiest of all the attention whores

I never post all the shots from any given shoot. I tend to select the best of the best for internet use: I don’t want to dilute the impact. And that means I have plenty of outtakes for “round-up” posts.

Behold a bunch of shots I didn’t post after their respective shoots!


Copyright Anna Rutenbeck 2012

This shot has such great composition. It’s from the first formal shoot I ever did. Anna and I have been friends for something like six years, and she was willing to schlep around with a camera on an incredibly hot day just to help me get a few decent shots.


Copyright Anna Rutenbeck 2012


Copyright Anna Rutenbeck 2012

Kind of a strange angle, but I love my hand on the cross.

moorish X

Copyright Brent Gould 2013

moorish XI

Copyright Brent Gould 2013

I like shots in which my face looks really foreign to me. This is one of them. I don’t quite recognize myself.

If I trained a mirror on myself for 24 hours, how many moments like this would I have? How many things about my physical comportment would surprise me?

moorish XII

Copyright Brent Gould 2013

speaking easy III

Copyright Brent Gould 2012

My mother says I’m starting to look exactly like her mother. I’ll post a picture of her sometime for comparison. It’s really getting kind of uncanny.

vintage XIII

Copyright Brent Gould 2012

Such a frigid color scheme. I feel like the most regal of the ice queens.

vintage XIV

Copyright Brent Gould 2012

yellow dress X

Copyright Greg Gouwens 2012

woods XLIX

Copyright Stephen Hayes 2012

If you look really closely at the right side of my neck (my right, not yours), you can see the scattering of pink welts. I didn’t notice it until after I got home that night, and I assumed it was just an odd configuration of mosquito bites.

Turns out it was a motherfucking rash. I went on to develop a fever and be sick for three or four days.

I really, really hate rashes. They don’t gross me out, per se (nothing really does), but something about skin ailments just gets to me. I’d rather have a week-long stomach bug than a full-body rash.


Copyright Brent Gould 2013

woods LVI

Copyright Stephen Hayes 2012

For levity’s sake. I have no recollection of what was going on in this picture, but looking at it makes me laugh out loud. Every. Single. Time.

Also, you have no idea how much I wish I could post my nudes! Some of my best work ever has been nude, and I’m really proud of it. But even though it’s not pornographic (for the most part), there are all sorts of regulations for blogs that host “adult” content, and in my effort to reach as many people as possible, I’d rather not have to worry about the restrictions. If you must go looking, though, my ModelMayhem profile is not exactly hard to find.

for once in my life i don’t feel overdressed

I attended fashion show practice today. Four hours per weekend I have to spend in heels higher than my name. As much as my feet whine, though, my posture is markedly better.

I don’t spend much time with other fashionistas. The online community more or less makes up for that, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great to surround myself with chicness four hours a week. This is a crowd I actually don’t feel overdressed around. So many blazers, scarves, and skinny jeans. I feel gloriously urbane.

This is what I wore to practice today.

practice IV

practice II

practice I

Yesterday I hit up Old Gold’s 40th anniversary fill-a-bag sale. I got an OBSCENE quantity of stuff for $18, and this sweater and green necklace were among them.

My hair still looks nice and smooth from last night.

practice III

practice VI

practice VII

Some of these photos were taken with my cell phone during downtime at practice.

practice V

practice IX

practice VIII

practice XI

practice X

practice XII

practice XIII

practice XV

This is what happens when I wait too long to take pictures. Shitty, shitty light.

Sweater & Green Necklace: Old Gold Jeans: Battery Street Jeans Spider Necklace: Gifted Shoes: Stella Mae


I’m plugging Miss Broadway Dork again. I really, really love her YouTube channel.

anachronism in blue

I’ve mentioned before that I write poetry, and I also perform any chance I get. I frequently combine my interests by emceeing poetry slams around town. Burlington has a respectable arts scene. I brought out this dress to emcee last Friday night’s slam.

I bought it on sight two or so months ago. I couldn’t not own it.

I want to punk up this dress a little. I’ve been looking for grommets; I want to give it a corset back. Or maybe just safety pins.

I like old clothes that show their age. This dress is faded in places. It’s a size 8, but cut slimmer than some modern 4s. (It’s pretty tight in back; that’s half the reason I want to corset it up.) The fabric is stiff and old-fashioned and smells vaguely of canvas. I could be someone’s muse in this.

Jacket, Dress, Belt, and Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Hat: Gifted Boots: Handed down from Mom

accidentally patriotic

It’s not my fault that red, white, and blue happen to look lovely together.

I really like the simplicity of the coat with the shocks of shiny satin at the wrists and neck.

Also, every single piece of this outfit, save for the hat, was thrifted or handed down.

I found this orange feather on the ground a few days ago. Surprisingly, it’s stuck around.

As far as I’m concerned, the coat makes this particular outfit. It’s more than outerwear; it’s integral.

I LOVE how the coat opens a little to reveal the rayon skirt. It has an awesome petticoat effect.

Coat and Boots: Handed down from Mom Blouse: Dirt Chic Skirt and Belt: Battery Street Jeans Hat: Gifted

drawing down the leaves

I like to think of this as the autumn version of my summer fortune-teller outfit.

Great chunky necklace. It reminds me of autumn leaves. It makes hugs painful, though.

Necklace, Head Scarf, and Harem Pants: Handed down from Mom Jacket and Belt: Battery Street Jeans Blouse: JC Penney

trypophobes beware

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This skirt thoroughly seduced me this weekend at Old Gold. It seemed like something I should’ve already owned; it was almost preposterous that I didn’t. It was technically in the costume section, I realized at checkout: the cashier asked me if I planned to wear it for Halloween.

I was intending to wear a different shirt than the one I ultimately went with, but that one smelled too rank this morning. This one was just the right shape and texture to complement the skirt, but I was iffy about the patterns. I didn’t know if it would be too much. Lo and behold, though, I think it works superbly.

It could almost be a dress. Also, I love my hair in this shot. I re-dyed again.

Exact shades change considerably depending on where you are in my house.

There’s a lot going on here. The secret, though, is that everything goes with something. I’ve stuck to three basic colors and two basic patterns. There’s nothing fundamentally out of place. The jacket, though outside the color/pattern scheme, is more or less a basic. I have yet to find a skirt it doesn’t complement. The structure of the outfit, when you get down to it, is a simple one. Clean lines and smooth silhouettes. When you’re doing this much print, you can’t do irregular shapes.

Jacket and Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Blouse: Plato’s Closet Skirt: Old Gold Hat: Gifted Shoes: Danform Socks: Spirit Halloween


My noteworthy summer outfits have been more or less exhausted; I’ve been wearing mostly repeats for the past few weeks. I have, however, been availing myself of the nip in the air and testing out some fantastic autumn pieces (if only while bumming around the house: I overheat too easily to wear long sleeves in public before, oh, October). I’ve also been soaking up fashion-related literature: I discovered some provocative new blogs, and I spent this afternoon in bed with Vogue‘s glorious 900-page September issue. This fall I plan to debut some new styles that wouldn’t have been on my radar a few months ago.

I have never been a big denim connoisseuse, preferring dresses and tights to almost all else. Lately, though, I find that combination too safe. A template can be altered only so many times. So I am consciously embracing the tougher side of my familiar rockabilly mien. My mother handed down to me a thoroughly badass denim trench, and I can tell I’ll be wearing it on the regular. For today’s post, I pulled together a collection featuring the trench, my beloved spiderweb-print jacket, and a spectacular pair of jeans I found this morning in the bottom of a drawer.

This is a lot simpler than I’m used to. Integral to my current stylistic evolution, though, is a scaling back of accessories. Frilly dresses and lots of frippery just aren’t doing it for me right now. I’m into a bolder, cleaner, more mature look.

This is actually an autumn variation on a look I wrote about back in June. The pieces segue nicely, I think.

My favorite jacket of all time. It’s incentive to maintain my weight, because it fits me just right and hits my hipbones in the perfect place. It adds structure to the flimsiest pieces. Also, SPIDERWEBS. Need I even elaborate? ($5 at Battery Street Jeans. They have a surprisingly decent vintage goth collection. My skull necklace is from there, too.)

I mined this scarf from my mom’s closet.

I bought this dress for $5 a few months ago, wore it once, and promptly forgot about it. How could I have let myself forget? It looks fucking awesome on me, if I do say so myself. Reminds me of Kate‘s bombshell dress.

Behold the denim trench!

If you give me a pair of loafers, a big floppy hat, and a cocktail, a wormhole will open up and take you to the 1950s.

My best-fitting jeans, by far.

Claire’s has Halloween jewelry out! Incentive to obtain steady income, that’s for damn sure. (I have an interview on Monday.)

Comin’ for yo braaaaains….

My winter-clubbing-in-Montreal dress, repurposed as a sweater.

I’ve always been squeamish about denim on denim. Don’t they call it a “Texas tuxedo”? Lately, though, I’ve decided it’s forgivable if the pieces differ considerably in color and texture. This combination makes the cut.

“No jewelry? Who am I?”

…seriously, though, I like the simplicity thing much more than I thought I would.