Yesterday I had my first paid photo shoot. I pranced around in the woods for two hours, stalking the best possible light. I walked away with $[REDACTED] in cash, and I am a bloody PAID MODEL and I still can’t believe that two months ago I didn’t even know I would love this so much.

Because I (and by extension y’all) won’t be seeing the official photos for another two weeks, here’s a peek at what I wore.

I’ve become more sensitive to photo quality lately, and though I’m sadly aware of how grainy my selfies are, I love this shot. I feel like I’ve just stepped through the looking glass. (This particular mirror always slims me, too, which is a nice plus.)

This is just the best summer dress. Sheer but still work-appropriate (…sort of. Don’t look too closely.). I have slept in it more than once and been perfectly comfortable.

Exactly three items of clothing. Dress, belt, necklace. No rings or bracelets. Not even leggings. So much less going on than I’m usually comfortable with, but yesterday almost broke 100 degrees, so I made an exception.


I slept on someone’s floor the night before these were taken, and somehow my hair looks exactly like I wish it always would. How we suffer for beauty.