full of grace

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Sometimes you get all dressed up for a creepy doll shoot, realize you’re actually a really fucked up madonna, and wonder what Freud would think of that. Trick question: it doesn’t matter because he’s dead and he was a hack anyway. In these shots, Holly and I are the quintessential dark mothers. The black goats of a thousand young. The progenitrices of all that lives under your bed.

I tried to go for a highly saturated movie-still look with these. Here’s hoping it came out.

h II s VII

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wrong side of the tracks

red XI

red VI

This was my original concept for what ended up being my “baroness samedi’s in town” shoot, which ended up being one of my favorite things I’ve ever created. My original character was a mysterious traveler seemingly blown in on the breeze. No one knew why the skull on her staff gleamed so bright or why her toes pointed so sharp, and no one was sure they wanted to. I ended up reworking the shoot and scrapping these photos, but I look through my outtakes every once in a while, mining forgotten treasures. I’m glad I decided to post these after all.

red III

I’ve been really inspired by raw Appalachian themes lately. Think gauzy witches, wild eyes, folk magic, and Martha Redbone. It might not be showing in my outfit posts, but it’s been consistently on my mind. Evident in the books I’m reading and the music I’m mainlining on my way to work. Our Lady of the Forest (no spoilers, please), Eva Cassidy, Delta Rae. As much as I love Christmas, I’m distantly looking forward to prancing about in the spring thaw and reclaiming my place as a maybe-sinister forest nymph. 

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