my kingdom for a hat x viennemilano




So here it is. I’ve arrived. I always said I’d have made it as a blogger when I started getting free swag. And after twenty-five months and almost three hundred posts, I got a free pair of thigh highs (red, of course) from VienneMilano. Now, I know my style ethos focuses primarily on vintage, but I am willing to make exceptions for high-quality, thoughtfully produced merchandise. VienneMilano thigh-highs are one of those exceptions. ┬áThe Boston-based importer sources Italian atelier hosiery for an American market. (Translation: this is some fancy shit, y’all.)

As Sabrina, the brand’s public relations coordinator, assured me:

“Since all of our products are made in Italy, the manufacturing conditions are all up to European regulations and standards. But to elaborate, our:

  • Manufacturers will not use child labor
  • Manufacturers will not use coercion and harassment
  • Manufacturers will not discriminate
  • Manufacturers are up to health and safety standards”

Nothing sexier than that.


VienneMilano packages its products with deliberation. Each pair of thigh highs comes with a complementary box (seen above) for lingerie storage. I appreciate that level of attention and affection shown to a garment. I want my clothes made, selected, and worn with pride and care. And VienneMilano employees seem genuinely passionate about thigh highs. No matter what the product or service, I’d always rather get it from someone who puts their whole self into it.



The company’s founder, Vienne Cheung, makes it her personal mission to bring thigh highs from night to day and back again. She told me:

The goal for VienneMilano is to re-market thigh highs as an accessory that can be worn outside of the bedroom. To give you an example, some 70+ years ago, you would have been considered crazy for wearing either a bikini or miniskirt. Today, just about every fashionista has either a bikini or a miniskirt in their wardrobe. I feel that thigh highs have similar association, and my goal is to bring thigh highs back into the mainstream as something that can be worn for every occasion.

And that’s sure as hell something I can get behind. Reclamation and declaration? Sign me up. So my camera and I accompanied my new VienneMilanos through a proper retro primping. From lingerie to everyday accessory.






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