lair of disrepair

room V

I promised my bloglings a room tour, and a room tour they shall have. My space is currently overloaded with brights, the better to guard against seasonal blech. As it happens, funnily enough, my affinity for gothic decor grows more pronounced in the summer, when I’ve already got a natural source of light. It’s an ebb and flow. I’d rather have eccentricity than out-and-out darkness, anyway.

And lest I ignore the undertone of class snobbery that “room tour” posts often exhibit, let me say that 90%+ of my collectibles are thrifted or scrounged. I rarely pay more than $20 for any given item. If I can engineer myself a flapper den as a barely-writer who didn’t finish college, then it’s easier, I’d wager, than many people think.

room I

room II

room VII

room X

room IX

Pictured: current reading material (a book of essays by and for pagans) and my laundry bag. Also, a walrus.

room VIII

merry clothmas

I’m pulling a leaf from Kaelah’s toothy little book and compling a “best of” post. 2013 wasn’t only my first full year of blogging. It’s the year my outfits and photography actually took on some semblance of a recognizable style. A far cry from 2012’s “throw some fabric at my body and hope it sticks”. I’m still a born-and-bred eccentric, but now I’ve got a bit more nuance.

This was also the year I started actually applying basic design principles to my shoots. The old stand ‘n’ pose can be fun, but I want to make art on lots of levels, not just the fashionable. I look now at my old webcam shots and want to burn every last one. I keep them on the blog because some of the outfits are passable, and also because it’s a nice reminder of improvement.

Here you’ll find my top 12 posts of 2013. Check back tomorrow or the next day for some 2014 inspiration porn. I’m also planning to list a few new Etsy items over the next couple of days.

boc I

waterhouse heroine & windy witch 

boc II

little red & splatter (plus a link to the bloody-shoes tutorial I did for Floral Prints + Common Sense!)

boc III

strange doll & noontime ghost

boc IV

prairie luxe & baroness samedi’s in town

boc V

grandma chic: dapper flapper edition & i was never here

boc VI

more mooring & keep matches away from me (plus links to Brent Gould Photography and Owlhurst Loft Vintage)