just try me, elements

Burlington got its first snow today, and it looks like the next few days will follow suit. I’m seizing the opportunity to publish a series of outerwear posts. You think my autumn jackets are outlandish? They’ve got nothing on my winter coat collection.

I love outerwear because I can be wearing some boring old thing on the inside (today, for instance, it was jeans and doc martens and my blue-and-green striped sweater), but I can still look totally put together with the right coat and scarf.

I’ve posted this coat before, but this time I’m wearing it as I usually do, with the scarf and hat that look best with it.

I actually really like the pigtail thing. My hair is too short for a proper bun or braid (one thing I do miss about long hair: the lovely chopstick-enhanced buns I used to make), and pigtails keep it out of my face. Particularly useful when the wind’s whipping about and strands of my hair get stuck in my lipstick.

My mother gave me this lapis lazuli ring over break. She originally got it from her Wiccan friend. Now it’s found its way to another witch!

I’m into rings lately. I bought a bunch of cheap ones at Battery Street Jeans today, and I’ll be incorporating them into future outfits.

You are jealous. You know it.

I have very small hands. Child-sized, technically. And I can therefore fit into children’s mittens.

They’re hungry…

…and now they’ve decided my flesh makes a suitable repast. Send hel


(I survived.) Coat: Battery Street Jeans Hat: Handed down from cousin Scarf: Christmas 2010 Gloves: Mall kiosk