last laugh

I am dreadfully sick of summer. Dragging myself out of bed for class and seeing leaves in full bloom feels downright anachronistic. Mr. Frost, I thought we had a deal here.

I haven’t been wearing much worth posting. Everything is a variation on something I’ve posted before. The second it dips below 65, I’ll be overwhelming y’all with new stuff. Mark my words. This is my very last innovative summer outfit. After this, I’ll be on strike until autumn hits.

(Also, I moved! Behold the first round of pics ever taken in my new place.)

I’ve been perfecting my more streamlined mien. This is a slightly more bohemian version thereof.

New desk in new room!



Lately I’ve been lusting after high-waisted retro bikinis. I was determined to find one fairly cheap before going to the beach over Labor Day weekend. And succeed I did, at Bella Boutique downtown. $30, end-of-season sale. Excellent.

I’m rather happy with how this complements my body type.

Blouse: Handed down from Mom Leggings: Urban Outfitters Head Scarf: Old Gold Skull Ring: 18th birthday Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Bikini: Bella Boutique


I tried retouching with a slightly different tint today. How does it compare? Do you prefer the old one?


You get a song! How I love old-fashioned murder ballads.