and i wonder why everyone thinks i’m queer

I’ve been told I set off a lot of gay-dars and bi-dars and queer-dars. (For the record, I am none of the above, but I fully support LGBT equality. I mean, duh.) For a long time, I assumed this was because I have a disproportionate number (population-wise, that is) of queer and trans friends, and I was naturally viewed as part of that crowd. Then I noticed I was getting hit on by girls who didn’t know any of my friends at all. So I’ve been left wondering what exactly it is. And I think it’s this: I don’t dress like I’m looking for male attention. Not that I don’t dress like an absolute slut (in the sex-positive sense of the term, of course) sometimes. But even my more revealing outfits are fussy and accessorized and often just plain gaudy. If the general consensus holds that men prefer simpler clothing, then I must look like the dykiest dyke around.

And it’s true. I’m not looking for male attention (not that I mind if it happens to find me). I’m not really looking for anyone’s attention. Being noticed is a pleasant by-product of my thoroughly flamboyant style, but I dress as I do first and foremost to feel comfortable. I don’t feel right in sweatpants and a t-shirt. I need to feel like I’ve made a concerted effort, and if that happens to please others, it’s fine with me. (Also, if most men are intimidated/weirded out by my outfits, then I get my pick of the ones who aren’t, which is also fine with me.)

tl;dr girls make eyes at me a lot, and I often wonder why, and then sometimes I wear an outfit that makes me go THAT. That is why.

I bought these men’s jeans for $1 at Battery Street. I thought they’d flatten me down, but the high waist works surprisingly well with the curve of my hips.

Cuffed with Harley boots is literally the only way to wear these.

Another Battery Street purchase, $10 because of the ripped sleeve. (This is how lazy I am: I’ve owned this coat for a year without bothering to fix it.) I affectionately dub this garment my “don’t fuck with me” coat. That goes for assholes and for the winter chill: it’s just that warm


This looks great with my orange scarf and red hat. I plan to feature it in an upcoming outerwear post.

Blouse: Plato’s Closet Coat, Jeans, Belt, and Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Boots: Handed down from Mom