city girl’s last stand

It’s Thanksgiving break, and I’m curled up in the recliner in my parents’ living room, having crawled sleepily back to the hamlet (pop. 1800) where I spent sixteen years of my life. My cell phone barely works out here. My bedroom window looks out on ten acres of trees. In a few days I’ll go stir-crazy, but now I’m glad to be lounging here in yoga pants and a hideous sweater, not paying a dime for food.

I might be showing my hillbilly roots at the moment, but my fashion sense didn’t go down without a fight. I dressed up for Friday’s journey home.

I’ve owned this shirt for years. It’s stretchy enough that it’s always fit. Recently I modified the rather high neckline to flatter me better.

I love this design. It’s essentially a medieval/Renaissance tapestry. It makes me hungry to sing arias. (I used to do that. I was classically trained in high school, and I was good. I miss it.)

This outfit is so wonderfully piratical. The shirt, faded and slightly shredded but nonetheless ornate, could easily have been pilfered from a noblewoman. The skirt, which you’ve seen before, has volume worthy of a pirate wench. The boots, skull, and headwrap speak for themselves.

The aged roughness of the overcoat augments the high-seas feel.

I love my hair wrapped like this. Messy done right, I think.

Blouse: Plato’s Closet Belt and Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Skirt: Paizlee’s (now-defunct boutique in Essex) Coat and Head Scarf: Handed down from Mom


Edit 11/19: Inspired by a Facebook comment, I made a SoundCloud account to share some of my favorite arias. Hurr ya go.