ode on a grecian gown

I bought this dress for $20 (marked down from $58!) at Old Gold back in September. I’ve been meaning to blog it every week since then, but I’ve only just gotten around to altering the hem. It was literally dragging on the floor, and I took it up and bubbled it. (My finals are over, and I have an obscene amount of dress-up time on my hands.)

I don’t think I’ll be wearing this out of the house for a good few months (this dress’s material is so smooth and silky that I wouldn’t trust it against the elements), but I thought it was such an awesome look that I had to blog it immediately.

grecian I

Yet another piece I bought months ago and have never worn. This awesome little blazer came from the $1 rack at Battery Street Jeans. I should really keep better track of my clothes; I have some fantastic stuff.

grecian II

grecian III

I’m really happy with my photos lately. My modeling skills are in good working order. I’m looking forward to a few professional shoots over winter break.

Notice that my nails are blue! I’m trying to branch out from my usual color palette. Blue, orange, and white are pretty new to me, but I’d like to get more comfortable in them.

grecian IV

grecian V

grecian VI

grecian VII

Remember the shoes I won?

grecian VIII

You get another holiday song! One of my favorite carols sung by one of my favorite artists.

Jacket and Belt: Battery Street Jeans Dress: Old Gold Necklace and Bracelet: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Stella Mae


As you’ll recall, I won a really kickass outfit in a drawing at Stella Mae.

Here’s the model’s take on it, and here’s mine.

contest II

The dress fits me closer than it does the model. I prefer that: it frees me up to add less structured accessories. A light wrap or shawl would look quite nice.

contest IV

I decided to play up the silver accents. I’m really pleased with how well the belt matches; it looks like it might have come with the dress.

I also pulled out a grey hat I used to wear far more religiously before I got my red one. It’s quite appropriate here, I think. It complements the outfit’s vintage structure.

contest III

This dress really hits the middle ground between casual and formal. With this hat, and a slouchy cardigan, I could theoretically wear it to class. If I fixed my hair and maybe put on some eyeliner, it’d be cotillion-worthy.

contest V

contest VI

contest VII

I love the back detail. Its location is convenient, too: I can still wear a bra!

contest VIII

contest IX

These shoes. These shoes. Now, I have very, very strict requirements for heels. I have some genetic bone defects – osteochondritis dissecans and pronated ankles, to be specific – and I can’t put my weight on the ball of my foot unless the heel is impeccably structured. In my almost two decades on this planet, I have found one pair of heels that fits this bill. As of today, I’ve found another. I’m an often unfortunately cheap person, and I resist buying individual items over $30. Maybe $45. These shoes retail for between $100 and $150, more than I would ever consider spending. But if their fit is any indication, you really do get what you pay for: I could walk downtown and up again in these heels with nary a blister.